Top 8 Best Pepperoni For Pizza in 2021- Our Pick

Pepperoni is one of the most popular toppings in the US because of the ever-growing popularity of Pepperoni pizza.

But what makes pepperoni pizza so famous in the US and why do people love it so much?

Is it because of the taste of the pepperoni slices on pizza that make it irresistible or is it just all marketing of pepperoni pizza.

One has to agree, pepperoni pizza is the most gorgeous pizza of them all and something about this topping makes a pizza look so complete.

Also for someone with a flavour palette the slightly spicy sausage is perfectly combined with the died down the flavor of cheese, pizza sauce, and dough.

Pepperoni also puts that iconic look in a pizza as it gives it a nice red color on top with the golden-brown crust on the edges.

If you have seen pepperoni that look like cups on with their edges curved then you are looking at old world pepperoni.

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There is a difference between regular pepperoni vs. Old world Pepperoni, most of them here are the regular ones.

You can even buy pepperoni in bulk and freeze the pepperoni so they last longer making it perfect for working people.

How To Store Pepperoni?

Fresh pepperoni can either be refrigerated or frozen. In the fridge, fresh pepperoni can last for up to 2 weeks.

As long as the original packaging of the pepperoni is not opened, the pepperoni will stay fresh in the refrigerator for weeks, sometimes even months.

However, freezing the pepperoni will make it last longer. You just need to make sure that you wrap them in aluminum foil to prevent freezer burns.

How To Store Pepperoni In The Freezer

  • Prepare a ziplock bag or an airtight container.
  • If you have a pepperoni stick, cut it into thin slices.
  • Wrap the slices in aluminum foil or a baking sheet to prevent freezer burns.
  • Place the pepperoni slices in the bag or container.
  • Using ziplock bags is better so you can push out as much air as you can.
  • Close the bag 3/4 of the way and then push out the air from the ziplock bag to prevent oxidizing the pepperoni slices.
  • Close the entire ziplock bag.
  • Place the bag in the freezer.

If you store the pepperoni in the freezer the right way, it can last for up to 8 months so you can cook more of your favorite recipes.

Slicing the pepperoni first before storing it in the freezer will also take up less space. You can check out our full guide on how to store pepperoni in the freezer.

How To Know If Pepperoni Has Gone Bad?

Discoloration, smell, and texture are the most common signs that your pepperoni has gone bad. Here is how to know if your pepperoni is no longer good for cooking.

  • Visual signs – when the pepperoni begins to turn brown, black, or gray; has discoloration; or when mold starts to form.
  • Bad Aroma – smells like rotten eggs or rancid.
  • Texture – extra solid and dry texture; wet; or slimy texture.

If any of the signs above appear on your pepperoni, it is time to throw it out. Eating bad pepperoni can cause food poisoning.

Some symptoms of food poisoning are nausea, fever, body aches, vomiting, and diarrhea. 

So make sure that your pepperoni is fresh and get the best ones so they can last longer when you store them.

Top 8 Best Pepperoni For Pizza

Pepperoni BrandRating Out Of 10
1.Margherita Very Best Top Rated Pepperoni Sticks 9
2.Margherita Very Best Top Rated Pepperoni Slices9.5
3.Vermont Smoke & Cure Smoked Pepperoni9
4.Battistoni Cup & Char Spicy Pepperoni, Single8
5.Faustman’s Artisanal Pepperoni, Nitrate Free9
6.Hormel Pepperoni – Original 9.5 
7.Boar’s Head Natural Casing Pepperoni8
8.Vincenza’s, Pepperoni Sliced8

1. Margherita Very Best Top Rated Pepperoni Sticks

 This pepperoni is considered by many to be the best pepperoni that you can put in your pizza.

It has a unique flavor, plus this specific product can cook large pizzas for a party with many guests.


  • It is a great pepperoni with 4 sticks included in the package so you can cook 2 large pizzas.
  • It has an authentic Italian taste so you can further make your pizza even more authentic.
  • It has a natural casing which means that the flavor stays no matter how long you store it.


  • It can be a little too spicy for people who do not have a high tolerance for spicy food.

This pepperoni is the perfect topping for your pizza with its authentic taste.

It has many spices that come with it so you can taste the pepperoni with every slice of pizza that you make.

==> Check out this Pepperoni

 The thing that makes this pepperoni great is that it does have a noticeable taste, but it does not overpower the taste of the whole pizza.

This pepperoni is unique for its spiciness and majority of the people like it for that.

It is mild in my taste, but I understand if some people find it too spicy for their palates.

2. Hormel Pepperoni – Original


  • It has thin slices that go well with thin-crust pizzas and vegetable toppings.
  • Hormel pepperoni has a savory flavor with just enough spice to it.
  • Great as snacks or for charcuterie boards.


  • Hormel now sells their pepperoni in 6-ounce packs instead of the 7-ounce so expect thinner slices.

A type of pepperoni that offers both the savory taste of pepperoni and a little bit of zest to make the flavors refreshing.

The original Hormel Pepperoni is one of the best pepperonis you can get with its low-carb content.

Since the Hormel pepperoni does not have as many carbs as the other pepperonis, each slice can be the perfect snack on the road or while you wait on your barbecue.

==> Check out Hormel Pepperoni

I love adding the Hormel pepperoni on frozen pizzas that I take home and cook to add some spice to the pizza and make it even better.

If you like, the original Hormel pepperoni can also go really well with cheese and crackers so putting it on your charcuterie board is perfect.

3. MARGHERita Very Best Top Rated Pepperoni Slices

If you want to cook a lot of pizzas soon or plan to make a large pizza, I would recommend getting this instead of the sticks as it has many pepperonis to use.

The previous one was sticks from this company at Number 1, and this one is sliced, both are good just that I like sticks slightly better.


  • It comes in a pack of two with 200 slices, enough to cook up to four pizzas.
  • It has an authentic Italian taste which means that it will give your pizza more unique flavors.
  • It goes well with tomatoes and other vegetable toppings to make your pizza healthier.


  • It is hard to find, and you need to look at the label as most of it is available in the U.S.

 Pepperoni is a true favorite when it comes to pizza toppings.

This specific product has been on the list of the all-time favorites of people who cook pizza because of its amazing flavor.

 Your pizza will taste like an authentic Italian pizza once you put these pepperonis as your toppings.

They can help the sauce in combining the flavors of your pizza very well together.

==> Check out this Pepperoni

 They are also not too thick so you do not have to worry about the pepperonis weighing down on the crust.

It helps make the pizza more flavorful while also retaining the crispiness of the crust.

4. Vermont Smoke & Cure Smoked Pepperoni

 This pepperoni is perfect for slicing or dicing on your favorite recipes.

It can go on pizzas, of course, with cheese, or just enjoy it as it is and it will give you the most amazing flavors.


  • It comes in with a nice whole package so you can cut it however you want it to be.
  • Made from scratch in Vermont, so you know that it has an authentic taste and origin.
  • This pepperoni is gluten and dairy-free, which means that you can put it in your gluten-free pizza.


  • Some people might not like the smoky flavor that it produces when they take a first bite.

 This pepperoni is perfect for your authentic pizzas.

It comes with the cured and smoked taste which means that it goes well with wood-fired pizzas and recipes cooked with induced smoke.

 You do taste the smoky flavor it brings, but it does not necessarily overpower the taste of either the cheese, sauce, crust or the other ingredients that you put as toppings on your pizza.

==> Check out this Pepperoni

What makes it great is that even though you dice or slice it into smaller pieces, you can still taste that smokiness in the pepperoni, but it does not overwhelm the senses that much.

5. Battistoni Cup & Char Spicy Pepperoni, Single

 I love Battistoni brand pepperoni, as is the perfect pepperoni if you want that meaty taste in your pizza.

It also adds a little spice to the pie to taste the flavor that combines the ingredients well. This is a nice old-world style pepperoni that will give you roni cups.


  • It is from pork and beef, so you get a meaty pepperoni without getting too greasy.
  • It pops well and creates a crispy cup of bacon and beef on your pizza with great flavors.
  • It has some spice in it, but it is not the spiciest of pepperonis, so you will be able to handle it.


  • It is a bit pricey and is a little more expensive than most of the other pepperonis on the list.

 If you want that simple and bearable spice on your pizza, then this pepperoni is for you.

It comes with so many flavors mainly due to the combination of pork and beef as the main ingredients.

 You also get the taste of the spices when you take a bite of this pepperoni.

==> Check out this Pepperoni

Each pepperoni is seasoned well and with the right amount of fats, creates a cup of crisp pepperonis on your pizza.

 This pepperoni is also gluten-free, so if you like having healthier pizzas, then this is perfect for you as well.

You still get the amazing taste of pepperoni without worrying too much about your health.

6. Faustman’s Artisanal Pepperoni, Nitrate Free

 A proven and tested type of pepperoni that delivers nothing but satisfaction.

This pepperoni brand has been producing pepperonis for almost a century, and so many people love it.


  • Choose from many bases of pepperoni such as pork, beef, turkey, and lamb.
  • You can adjust your pizza flavor according to the base of the pepperoni you choose.
  • It has been made from the San Francisco Bay Area for 90 years with the same authentic recipe.


  • It has problems with mold when delivered, so you might want to check it before using.

 This pepperoni has the best flavor of almost any pepperoni that you can find. It is made purely from meat, so you cannot taste any artificial additives and preservatives on the pepperoni.

 It is not smoked, so you do not get any nitrites or nitrates from the pepperoni.

==> Check out this Pepperoni

It is a gluten-free pepperoni to have your healthy pizzas and other meals with this pepperoni.

 This pepperoni also pairs well with cheese, crackers, wine, and beer, so you are not stuck with cooking it with pizza alone.

So make sure to make the best out of it and experiment with other ingredients.

7. Boar’s Head Natural Casing Pepperoni

A unique mix of pork, beef, and seasonings is what makes this pepperoni perfect for your pizzas. It also has flavors and spices that complement other ingredients on a pizza.

Paprika, citric acid, and salt are some of the seasonings that you can find on the pepperoni from Boar’s Head.

It has a little bit of heat and will surely go well with sausages, bell peppers, pineapples, and mushrooms.

Boar’s Head pepperoni is also one of the best deli pepperonis that you can find in supermarkets. 


  • Boar’s Head pepperonis are readily available in most supermarkets.
  • The slight spice on the pepperoni is great for countering slightly sweet pizza toppings.
  • It has a natural casing that can be consumed so it is easier to prepare.
  • The natural casing also helps in cupping the pepperoni when cooked.

==> Get this Pepperoni from Boar’s Head


  • It can be a little small for its relatively expensive price.

8. Vincenza’s, Pepperoni Sliced

 The crispy pepperoni that you always wanted in your pizza is finally here.

The pepperoni from Vincenza’s is a great type of topping for your pizza as it follows the crispy edge and surface.


  • They are thin slices so you can easily make crispy edges with this pepperoni on your pizzas.
  • Made with natural ingredients and the pigs used for the meat are not fed with antibiotics.
  • There are also no synthetic nitrites or nitrates added on the meat so it stays healthy.


  • It does come in small packages, so you will need to buy a lot for a large pizza.

 This pepperoni is perfect for your next healthy meal.

Although made with pork, the pepperoni does not get too greasy as it has just enough fats to make sure that it does not dry when cooked.

They are cut in thin slices so they become crispy when you cook them.

==> Check out this Pepperoni

However, they do not necessarily dry out as you can have that slightly chewy center with the crispy outer edges.

 The pigs used in making these pepperonis are not fed any chemicals or antibiotics.

They are raised naturally with no growth hormones, so all you get is the natural flavor on your pepperonis.

What Is The Best Pepperoni For Pizza?

 I love the Margherita Pepperoni Slices.

First, it does have that authentic taste like the sticks they sell, but you do not have to do the slicing yourself, just cook them.

 They are perfect for pizzas as well as other recipes.

You can also mix the pepperoni with other ingredients to get that nice combination of flavors in your pizza along with enough meaty taste.

 There are also a lot of reviews from people saying that this is the best pepperoni for pizza. That is why I recommend you try and see for yourself how great these pepperonis are on your pizza.

What Kind Of Pepperoni Does Pizza Hut Use?

 Pizza Hut rarely reveals its recipes to the public so you really cannot be sure what they use.

However, Pizza Hut sticks to the authenticity that you get from Italian sausages.

 They use great ingredients that bring you that Italian taste.

The pepperonis they use on the pizza usually put pork, seasoning, water, and salt to create that iconic and delicious taste.

So as you can see, Pizza Hut uses simple ingredients to make the pepperonis on the pizzas.

They also tend to mix pork with beef to get a more meaty taste or use beef alone sometimes.

Why Is Pepperoni Pizza The Best?

 As you might not know, pepperoni is the best topping on pizza in the U.S., and it deserves to be at the top of the list.

It adds a lot of flavors to the pizza to make the food more exciting.

 Compared to cheese and vegetable toppings, pepperoni does not leave the pizza with a plain flavor.

It can create more and make the pizza taste more interesting and get you to eat more.

 Pepperoni usually adds a little bit of that smoky flavor to the pizza.

Since the slices are thin, you do not need to worry about the fat and calorie intake with pepperonis.

Should Pepperoni Be Cooked Before Putting On A Pizza?

 You can eat Pepperoni on its own without cooking it as it has been cured and aged.

That means that it has removed most of the harmful bacteria in the meat, and it is safe to eat as it is.

 Thin slices of pepperoni will cook in the intense heat that you cook your pizzas at.

There is no need for you to cook pre-sliced pepperonis before putting them on top of your favorite pizza.

 However, if you have bought pepperoni sticks and slice them yourself, you need to make sure they are thin enough.

If not, you can make thicker cuts and cook them slightly before putting them on the pizza.

How Do You Curl Pizza With Pepperoni? (Roni Cups)

 Curling pepperoni on your pizza is not the simplest task to do.

You will need to make sure that you have the right thickness on the pepperoni and the proper amount of heat you cook them in.

 Usually, the first step of curling pizza with pepperoni is to cut or slice the pepperonis thicker.

The usual thickness of pepperoni is very thin and can sog when you hold it with a finger.

 You need to make the cuts thicker but less than 1/4 of an inch as it can be too stiff after that.

You also need to create different temperatures at the bottom and the top of the pizza for curling.

How Do I Make Crispy Pepperoni Pizza?

 There are two major steps that you need to take to make your pepperonis crispy on the pizza.

It is either you cook the pizza at a very high temperature or cook the pepperoni twice.

 Cooking the pizza with pepperoni toppings quickly at high temperatures will make both the crust and the toppings crispy as the moisture immediately gets released from the pizza.

 You can also cook the pepperonis in an oven for 8 minutes to release the grease.

After that, you need to absorb the grease with paper towels and bake them again for 2 to 4 minutes.

What Is Cupped Pepperoni?

 Unlike traditional pepperoni on your pizza, cup pepperoni gets curled up almost to look like a small cup.

It makes it look more delicious with the browned and crispy edges they have.

 They made them this way initially, and it is now coming back due to internet trends.

The pepperonis curl up because they are thicker than usual and you need to cook them differently.

 There should be a difference between the heat you cook the crust and the heat that cooks the toppings.

That way, the pepperoni will curl up if you have the right thickness on each slice.

What Is The Difference Between Pepperoni And Old World Pepperoni?

 The most common difference between these two types of pepperoni is the color.

You will see that American-style pepperonis or the usual ones have a slightly bright orange color.

 Old-world pepperonis have a bright red to dark red color.

They are also more natural than regular pepperoni as they do not have artificial ingredients, not even the casing itself.

 Regular pepperonis tend to have a mild flavor with the slightly smoky flavors giving you hints of its authenticity.

Old-world pepperonis have spices and natural ingredients hence the red color.

Which Pizza Chain Has Beef Pepperoni?

 Pizza Hut has beef pepperoni pizza, and you can also choose a mix of pork and beef. 

You get to taste that authentic meaty flavor and the softness that comes with the pork fats.

 Domino’s also offers beef pepperoni so you can order that.

In my opinion, Domino’s has the perfect beef pepperoni pizza because they combine the beef pepperoni with onions and more.

 So you get that slightly spicy flavor from the pepperoni as well as the sweetness and crunch from green peppers, onions, mushrooms, and black olives that go as your pizza toppings.

What Is The Best Top-Rated Pepperoni Brand?

Hormel is still the top brand in the USA when it comes to pepperoni. That goes with both deli pepperoni and turkey pepperonis.

They have a variety of pepperonis that you can choose from and rest assured that you will get the best quality on any pepperoni that you can buy from them.

If you look at rankings like this one from nutritionix, it is clear that Hormel dominates such lists on which pepperoni brand is the best.

What Is The Best Pepperoni You Can Get Online?

Margherita pepperoni and Battistoni pepperonis are both great pepperonis and you can get them both online through Amazon.

Hormel, being the top-rated pepperoni also has its own website where you can buy their amazing pepperonis.

Battistoni is my go-to as it is very accessible and it has a great reputation with so many customers. It proved the quality when I also tried it on my pizzas.

So if you were to buy some pepperonis online, I say go with Battistoni pepperonis.

Is Deli Pepperoni Better Than Usual Pepperoni?

Deli pepperoni is better than usual pepperoni, in my opinion since deli pepperoni is the authentic and traditional version of the dried sausage that we are used to.

Regular pepperoni is usually made entirely of pork with an occasional mix of pork and beef. Deli pepperoni is always made with a mix of pork and beef.

I prefer the deeper dark red color of deli pepperoni and its hearty flavor from the spices mixed in it like paprika and garlic.

This depends on your preference but I love the mild heat and beautiful flavors on the deli pepperoni rather than the usual pepperoni we put on pizzas.

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