How to grill a Frozen Pizza on Traeger Grills

If you ever thought about cooking a frozen pizza on Traeger grill then you should definitely check out this guide on how to grill a frozen pizza on Traeger grills.

Having a barbecue party in your backyard is fun, especially with the help of amazing equipment such as an outdoor oven or a grill.

The Traeger line of grills are amazing and can perform very well. They use either wood or pellets to get fired up with electronic technology for various reasons.

How to grill Frozen Pizza on a Traeger Grill

Frozen pizzas only require a short period and a small amount of effort from you. You and your family can enjoy it once you have cooked it.

Cooking pizza on traeger grill is a smart way to go as not only cooks the pizza but also adds its unique smoky flavour that is authentic to traeger grills.

I started cooking pizza on Traeger grill as a trial on how the pizza would turn out but once I realized that the pizza tastes great, I just kept on cooking more.

I prefer cooking homemade pizza on Traeger grill but you might as well cook the frozen ones to get the best taste out of your frozen pizza.

Frozen pizzas are great because you can just fire up your grill and throw the pizza in, and it will come out great. You can also add your preferred toppings to a frozen pizza.

In a general way of looking at pizza, freshly made pizzas are still the best when combined with amazing ovens with flavorful toppings.

Frozen pizzas, however, are faster to cook and are easier to prepare. So if you chose to buy frozen pizza and are now planning to cook it on your Traeger Grill, we have the perfect guide for you.

How to grill a Frozen Pizza on Traeger Grills

Cleaning the Traeger Grill

In order to get started with grilling frozen pizza on Traeger grill, heating a grill is pretty easy, most of the time, you just leave it to the fire or on the fuel to do this job and eventually heat the grill.

However, if you want a more functional oven, you need to give it a little help. You need to clean every part of the oven to allow excellent airflow.

When you are using wood-fired ovens, you will notice that they perform better if you have a clean interior. Not to ignore the exterior, but it is more important to clean the inside of the grill.

Ensure that you have wiped oil and food residuals from the racks, the grates, cover, and the sides of the grill. 

You also need to remove the ashes from the previous cooking sessions to allow more air to get inside the grill.

The clean interior will allow a nice path for the air to circulate the fuel up to the grill’s cover.



Preheating the Traeger Grill

Traeger Grills can reach high temperatures, but you will need to preheat them to cook properly.

To cook a frozen pizza properly on a Traeger Grill, you will need to fire it up from 450 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 20 minutes.

While preheating the grill, you can prepare all the necessary cooking tools that you will need or add up a few toppings to the pizza itself.

You can check the temperature accurately by pointing a laser thermometer at the grates and seeing if it has reached the right temperature for cooking the pizza.

You also can use baking stone if you like but putting the frozen pizza directly on the grill is what we find as the best strategy to attain greater results.

Using parchment paper is also recommended if you choose to grill pizza with a baking stone; this will prevent the dough from sticking on the pizza stone.


Poking holes in the Frozen Pizza

The crust on a frozen pizza is not as great as fresh dough. The crust would usually be hard and quite thick, so it will not have enough space for the heat to pass through.

Therefore, the tendency is that the crust will be too hard and will sometimes burn rather than just being crispy and chewy.

You can create holes at the bottom of the crust so that heat and moisture can pass through it, making it softer and better when combined with the cheese and the toppings.

You can use a fork to poke the holes through. Do not make large holes as it may destroy the cheese, and drain the sauce out of the frozen pizza when heated.

Keep the plastic wrapping of the frozen pizza when poking the holes so that the toppings will stay on the pizza even if you flip it over.

Cooking Frozen Pizza on a Traeger Grill

After you have prepared everything you need and the Traeger Grill has been heated to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, you can now start to cook your pizza.

Place the frozen pizza directly on the grill and turn down the temperature to 425 degrees Fahrenheit for the optimal cooking temperature.

Ensure that one side of the pizza sits directly on top of the part where the grill is hottest. Cook that side for 5 to 6 minutes or until the pizza’s sides are slightly dark brown.

Turn the pizza halfway around to cook the other side and let it cook for another 5 to 6 minutes or until the toppings are fully cooked.

Before doing this, you also have the option to place the pizza on the side broiler of the grill for at least 30 seconds to warm it up and make the crust adjusted to the heat from the oven.

Cooking Frozen Pizza on Traeger Grill using Pizza Stone

Cooking frozen pizza on a traeger grill using pizza stone is a much better way to cook frozen pizza as this way you can cook it quick and the results are so much better.

Preheat the pizza stone on the traeger grill for 10-15 minutes or even longer until the pizza stone reaches 550 Fahrenheit.

You can measure the temperature of the pizza stone using an Infrared thermometer.

If you have chosen to use a pizza stone it will take a little more prep for the frozen pizza.

All sides should cook to perfection before removing the parchment paper. Cooking with this will usually take around 20 minutes.

If you have a pizza peel, things would get even easier and you won’t need the parchment paper. But for beginners, parchment paper is one of the best options.

Once you have placed your frozen pizza on the pizza stone, close the lid and let the pizza stone cook for about few minutes


Adding Toppings on a Frozen Pizza

After the frozen pizza has is done in the grill, you have two options to finish the product to attain the best results. You can leave it, or you can top it with fresh ingredients.

Right after you remove the pizza off of the grill, the pizza would still be piping hot, so you can take advantage of this by putting toppings such as spinach or any greens that you would like.

Greens such as spinach and arugula would still make your pizza better by making it healthier.


Advantages of cooking in a Traeger Grill

Since we have talked about the process wherein you can cook your pizza on a Traeger Grill, it is only right to talk about why some people prefer it over a conventional oven.

Versatility Well, obviously, aside from pizza, a Traeger grill (or any grill for that matter) is very versatile, meaning you can cook a lot of food in it with amazing results.

You can grill, smoke, cook barbecue, and so much more. You can help the grill with cookware that will enhance your cooking with any recipe that you like.


1. Flavor and Result

Traeger Grills are wood or pellet-fueled grills, which means that they emit a lot of smoke. Cooking in them gives a lot of delicious, smoky flavor to almost any food that you want.

You can also change the type of wood or pellet so that the smoky flavor also has a twist. For example, using apple pellets will give off a sweet, smoky flavor, while others can give zesty flavors.

You can also mix the wood pellets, so you get the maximum flavor that you want—keeping the lid on while cooking will optimize this capability of a Traeger Grill.


2. Easy to Control

Traeger Grills have amazing technology that helps you from the ignition of the grill up to the serving of your cooked food.

It also shows you the temperature of the grill and how you can control it easily. You can determine the desired temperature and easily control the grill.


3. Efficiency

Since you are not using gas as fuel, the wood pellet Traeger Grills are amazing in cooking food with as little fuel as possible.

The great thing about grills is that they also use other forms of fuel, and the results would be near the same but are both amazing.

You can cook amazing pizzas in just 15 to 20 minutes with great flavors and few costs with grills using wood or wood pellets as fuel.


How to cook Homemade Pizza on a Traeger Grill

If ever you wanted to cook homemade pizza in a Traeger Grill, we have a list of tips that you may follow to create the most amazing pizza that you can.

I usually use the New York Pizza Dough recipe which I have shared in my blog as the results are just amazing with it. I even use my homemade mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce to get the best taste on my pizzas.


1. Never overdo

Using cheese and sauce is essential in making the perfect pizza. All you need to take note of is that you do not need too much.

Too much sauce or too much cheese will only make your pizza soggy, and the crust will not be as crispy as you want it to be.

Put the right amount of cheese and sauce on your pizza and go crazy on the toppings but make sure that the dough can handle all of it.

You can make another pizza if you have extra cheese or sauce but do not try and fit it into your pizza to get the best results.


2. Add Nutrients

You can add more meat to your pizza to get more protein or more vegetables to get a healthier pizza with nutrients and vitamins that our bodies need.

Making your pizza seasonal is also a way to deal with this; this means that you can put the vegetables abundant in your area during certain seasons.

Having more vegetables in your pizza can never go wrong, so fire away. You can cook the vegetables with the pizza or top it after you have cooked the pizza.

Either way, your pizza will be amazing with vegetables on it.


4. Practice and practice and practice a little bit more

Cooking pizza for the first time using a Traeger Grill will not come out as perfect as you may expect it to be, but that is okay.

A pizza requires a bit of attention and practice to perfect. So do not get discouraged if you failed on your first try; just keep on practicing your cooking skills, and be better next.

More practice will bring better results, so keep on cooking, and soon enough, you will be cooking pizzas in your backyard like a real pizzaiolo.


Cooking Pizza on Traeger Grill

Traeger Grills can be expensive, but they are worth investing in. They can cook a lot of recipes perfectly, and they are a great addition to your backyard cooking.

There are so many different Traeger grills out there, and you can do a lot more than just cooking pizzas with them.

You can grill, bake, smoke, braise, and roast with these grills, and the fact that they are wood pellet grills makes everything you cook inside them coated with the smoky, woody flavor.

The Traeger grills are the best out there, and you will love everything cooked in them, including the pizzas. They even coat the pizzas with the classic woody smoky flavor, which is just amazing.

There is so much to know about these grills, and you can do so in this post here. A Frozen pizza can be cook perfectly in a Traeger Grill.

Make sure to follow the tips and procedures above to turn your frozen pizza into the most amazing, quick-and-easy pizza that you and your family can all enjoy!

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