How To Cook Flatbread Pizza On Blackstone Griddle

If you have wanted to cook flatbread pizza on your Blackstone griddle this is the perfect post on How to cook flatbread pizza on Blackstone griddle that comes with a recipe included.

You can use the same post to make Naan Bread PIzza on Blackstone griddle and the results are going to be amazing just like it is with regular flatbread.

I personally love making Naan Pizza and every time I make them, they turn out good.

There are a lot of varieties of pizza and cooking appliances that you can cook them in.

That is why we will teach you how to cook flatbread pizza on a Blackstone griddle.

Flatbread pizza is healthier than regular pizza.

It contains fewer calories and so you can enjoy a delicious slice of pizza without worrying too much about your weight.

Since it uses a different kind of dough, flatbread pizza also has a different process. 

I love flatbread pizza because it is thin and crispy and I usually choose a chewy topping like chicken and mushroom on top. This combination tastes amazing and making this pizza on Blackstone griddle packs more flavor.

Blackstone griddle might be an unusual cooking griddle, especially for pizzas. They are usually cooked in an oven or sometimes even on a grill, but a griddle is unique.

Griddles, however, can produce enough heat for cooking pizzas. So as long as you know the proper process and techniques, you will perfect this recipe.

Also, cooking a pizza on Blackstone griddle is quick and it lets me bake other recipes on the side like chicken wings while I make my pizzas.

Since our griddle is huge, I can make more than one pizza at a time.

Even if the griddle is an open cooking appliance, you can still create an oven-like environment for the cheese and toppings of the pizza to cook properly and make the crust crispy.

Keep on reading to know how you can make a healthier pizza using flatbread as the crust so you can enjoy the next pizza cooked on a Blackstone griddle.

We even made authentic pizza on a Blackstone griddle and I must say that we are pretty impressed with the results.

This Flatbread pizza on Blackstone griddle is a pretty easy recipe to do, and after a few tries, you will be able to perfect it. 

Just follow the instructions below and make your flatbread pizza at your own home.

Get your griddle ready and grab all the fresh ingredients that you want to put in your flatbread pizza.


What Is The Difference Between Pizza And Flatbread?

Aside from the nutritional content of these two types of dough, the main difference between them is in the process and ingredients that you use in making them.

For instance, regular pizza dough is made with yeast and Tipo 00 flour and is allowed to rise for a certain time.

It also rises further when cooked under intense heat to create a fluffy inside and cripsy crust.

Flatbread, on the other hand, does not use yeast to rise. It is not allowed to rise, making sense because the dough remains flat instead of bubbling up when cooked.

There is also a certain consistency in terms of the liquid ingredients that you use in a flatbread.

You put too much water and the bread will become soggy when cooked instead of being crispy. But pizza dough needs 60-75 percent hydration and the higher the pizza dough hydration, the better the pizza dough.

This is not the case with the flatbread dough that we are going to make in this post.

Flatbreads cook very quickly since it is thinner. 

You need to keep an eye on the pizza when cooking to not burn the bottom of the dough.


Is Flatbread Pizza Better For You?

Flatbread dough uses basic ingredients, so if you make pizzas with it, you will have a more natural and light feel on each slice of the pizza, making it seem healthier.

But is it healthier? In a way, yes.

It contains fewer calories than a regular pizza, which means that you can better track your calorie intake after a few slices.

If you make pizzas with flatbread dough, you can put the same amount and variety of toppings that you want, and it will still have lower calories than a regular pizza.

A whole 12-inch pizza made with flatbread will only have an average of 350 calories.

Compare that to a regular pizza that has around 270 calories in a single slice.

So in terms of health and intake, flatbread pizza is better for you. 

However, you might prefer the classic dough over the flatbread, so we cannot judge or compare them through taste.



How To Make Flatbread Pizza on Blackstone Griddle

The first step in making flatbread pizza is, of course, to make the flatbread dough.

This will be an easy process, so stay with it and then alter the number of the ingredients if you want.

All you need in making flatbread dough are flour, baking powder, cold water, salt, and olive oil. 

Depending on the amount of pizza you want, you can switch the ingredients.

You can also add sugar or syrup if you want, but that is only a matter of personal preference.

So mix the ingredients in a bowl until you produce a soft dough from mixing.

After that, you can then allow the glutens to activate and combine with the other ingredients.

Cover the dough with plastic wrap and then let it rest at room temperature for 10 minutes.

You can then divide the dough into parts if it is too large. 

From there, you can either use a rolling pin to make flat discs, but we suggest shaping the dough with your hand to get more control.

You can cook the flatbread even now before placing the toppings.

However, if you want it to cook equally or evenly with the toppings, we recommend that you lay the toppings first before cooking.


Set Up Your Blackstone Griddle

Blackstone griddles heat up fast, so you can also do this while the flatbread dough is resting. 

Set the temperature to 375 degrees Fahrenheit and then prepare the other ingredients.

375 degrees Fahrenheit is a pretty low temperature for cooking pizzas.

However, the flatbread cooks fast, so you need to keep it low to prevent burning the bottom.

You are just going to cook the pizza longer than usual.

However, when you keep track of the temperature, the flatbread dough will come out as a thin and crispy crust.


Place The Toppings

Select the best and freshest ingredients for the toppings of the pizza.

Fresh ingredients will cook faster and they are healthier, so make sure you select the best ones.

Since the flatbread is a bit thinner than regular pizza dough, you do not need to overload it with toppings.

Just about two tablespoons of tomato sauce will be enough.

Sprinkle it with shredded store bought mozzarella cheese or homemade mozzarella cheese and then slice the other toppings thinly.

Place them evenly on top of the sauce and then cover them once more with just a thin layer of mozzarella.


Cook The Pizza

Since the Blackstone griddle makes an evenly heated cooking surface, it is best to put the pizza in the middle of the griddle. Just so you can have enough space to maneuver the pizza.

Again you can always choose between homemade pizza sauce or the store bought pizza sauce, which ever you prefer.

You will also need a cover so putting the pizza in the middle will give space for the cover.

The cover is important because it will produce heat from above to cook the toppings.

It should be dome shaped and we use a utensil to do the job but you can always buy one online.

Cooking on the Blackstone griddle is very beneficial because you no longer need to preheat other cooking equipment for the pizza to be placed on.

The cooking surface of the griddle is enough for cooking the pizza on blackstone griddle.

There is no need for cookie sheets or pizza stones to be laid before the pizza is on the griddle.

Let the pizza cook for 10 minutes with the cover on. 

You can turn the pizza around if the griddle has some cold spots, which rarely happens, to even out the cooking process.

Check if the crust is turning into golden browns and the cheese melted to perfection.

If so, you can then remove the pizza from the griddle and let it rest for about five minutes.

Slice and then serve!



Flatbread pizza is one of the many ways you can still enjoy pizza while keeping track of your calorie intake.

Cooking flatbread pizza on Blackstone griddle was super fun and we could whip up 10 pizzas within half an hour which was pretty great.

It does take a bit of learning initially but once you get the hang of it, you are going to be making pizzas on the Blackstone griddle quicker than ever.

It is healthier in that way, but it is also delicious like regular pizzas.

It is perfect for people who think that pizza is an unhealthy meal.

It isn’t, especially if you are making it at home since you can control the nutrients inside your body.

The Blackstone griddle is a great cooking appliance where you can cook pizza on.

You just need something to cover the pizza since the griddle does not have this.

The cover will create an oven-like environment so the cheese will melt and the toppings will cook as fast as the flatbread dough. 

If you want to make the job easier, you can also use a grill spatula to maneuver the pizza.

So make your flatbread pizza at home and start eating healthy without sacrificing this delicious recipe!

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