Betty Crocker Pizza Maker Review

There are not many things more interesting and fun to do than making your pizza at home.

This Betty Crocker pizza oven review will talk about the features and functions you need.

Making pizza at home might not be the easiest thing to do as you need specific ingredients, temperature, timer, and environment to make the best pizza you can cook.

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Heat is one of the most important things when it comes to cooking pizzas.

You need high temperatures to make the pizza crispy and the toppings cook evenly.

Betty Crocker has something for you that can make you pizzas without spending too much effort.

You will be able to practice your amazing recipes or combinations of pizza toppings.

This pizza maker is also versatile, which means that you are not limited to only pizza.

You can cook other recipes such as frittatas or cook up your tacos a bit to make them crispier.

The secret is to be creative and to use the appliance properly.

Here, we will take a look at the features of the pizza maker and see how you should use them to your advantage.


Unboxing the Betty Crocker Pizza Maker

Perhaps one of the best things about the Betty Crocker pizza maker is that it comes fully assembled. 

It means that you do not have to worry about missing parts before cooking.

It comes in a simple package just like most pizza ovens. I recommend ripping the adhesives instead of cutting them with sharp scissors or cutters when opening.

You can easily scratch the outer part of the pizza maker so just rip off the adhesives.

Betty Crocker Pizza Maker Review

This will also help you protect the cable attached to the Betty Crocker pizza maker which is pretty delicate.

Once you get it out of the box, you will see the instruction manual included in the pizza maker.

This manual includes instructions on how to properly use it and how to clean it as well.

The instruction manual will also teach you how to look for signs if your pizza is ready.

You can do other things while you wait for the pizza to finish cooking once you set it right.

Aside from the manual, the company also offers different recipes that you can make with the pizza maker.

It does not matter how long you have been cooking, the meal plans are easy. 

The company considered beginners when making the guide on the meal plans and recipes so that anyone with any cooking experience can make the best food with the Betty Crocker.


Features Of Betty Crocker Pizza Maker

Now to the most important parts of the Betty Crocket pizza maker.

This is where we will take a deeper look into the features included in the pizza maker to see how well it functions.

The Betty Crocker pizza maker has a circular shape which allows you to shape the pizza right on it.

You do not need to worry about the size that you need to make when kneading the dough.

The circular shape of the pizza maker can hold a 12-inch pizza, enough for a small group of people.

Both the lid and the cooking surface are made with lifted edges to cook the crust properly. 

That means all sides of the crust cook perfectly.

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You will have a puffed-up edge on the crust, which is also colored perfectly and has a crispy texture every time.

The cooking surface as well as the inner part of the lid consists of non-stick metal.

This allows you to cook any recipe that you want without risking the food from sticking to it.

That also means that you will be able to clean it easier.

 More frequently than not, you will only be dealing with crumbs or burnt food residuals that you can just wipe away with a paper towel.

The small rectangular part on the back of the Betty Crocker pizza maker is where the hinge holds the lid and the cooking surface together and the cable at the back.

There is a cord wrap at the back, so once done, you can then wrap the cord around it.

This makes the pizza maker a little more portable and less messy with the cable.

Perhaps the most important feature of the Betty Crocker pizza maker is the dual-heated platform.

Both the cooking surface and the lid have heating elements to cook the pizza.

So while your crust cooks to become crispy, the toppings are also heated enough to cook evenly.

There is no need for you to turn the pizza around, unlike most pizza ovens.


How To Use Betty Crocker Pizza Maker?

There are no complicated controls with the Betty Crocker pizza maker which means that you do not have to worry if you do not have too much experience when it comes to cooking pizzas.

All you need to do is to plug it in the wall socket.

Once you do, the light indicators on top of the lid will light up; the power-on indicator means that it is plugged in properly.

Once plugged in, the Betty Croker pizza maker will continue to heat up.

The power-on light indicates that it is still heating up, so you cannot cook your pizza right away.

Once the “Ready-to-bake” indicator turns on, that means that the pizza maker has reached the optimum temperature to cook your pizzas.

That is when you can place your pizza inside it.

The metal surface on the Betty Crocker is pretty tough.

Betty Crocker Pizza Maker Review

When transferring the pizza, you can use a metal spatula as long as you do not press too hard onto the cooking surface.

My most recommended kitchen tool is a wooden spatula so you do not scratch the non-stick surface. Using a plastic spatula is good but I would not risk it as it can melt from the heat.


Cooking With Betty Crocker Pizza Maker

Cooking in the Betty Crocker pizza is very easy. You do not need to turn the pizza around or adjust the heat as the pizza maker does all of the cooking.

What I like about this is that it can make pizzas evenly cooked.

Both the top and bottom heating elements do a really good job cooking the pizza evenly without cold spots.

The hot surface is perfect for making the crust crispy, but it is also not too aggressive.

There are indicators to when the pizza is ready so that you do not have to frequently open the lid.

The light design is perfect for cooking anywhere you want.

Despite it being metal, the insulation is pretty great as I did not accidentally burn my hands when I touched the lid.

The self-timing function and self-regulating thermostat are perfect.

They work properly, so I did not have to worry about the pizza inside getting burned or left raw because of these.

The only difficulty I had was when I removed the pizza.

There is not much space to work on, so I had to get into the crust to lift the pizza, and there are times where I mess up the toppings.

My solution is to make sure that the spatula I use is thin enough to slide easily between the crust and the cooking surface. That way, I do not have to jerk the pizza too much when moving it.

I would also prefer if the Betty Crocker had a detachable cord. Although there is a cord wrap behind it, it would be better if the cord was detachable to make it more portable for storing.


Final Thoughts On Betty Crocker Pizza Maker Review

If I did not have a pizza oven at home, I would choose the Betty Crocker pizza maker over conventional ovens.

It is an amazing appliance that can cook great pizzas in just 15 minutes.

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The double heating elements are perfect for cooking both crispy crusts and evenly-baked pizza toppings.

It is very easy to use, in fact so easy that you do not have to press a single button.

It is perhaps the most convenient pizza maker that you can get. It cooks pizza perfectly, is portable, energy-efficient, and versatile enough to cook recipes other than pizza.

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