31 Things To Do With Leftover Pizza {Quick and Easy Recipes}

Enjoying a hot and crispy pizza during a cold day is close to perfect. But if you have leftover pizza at home then here are 31 things to do with leftover pizza next time.

There are many things that you can do with leftover pizza. I have always wondered what to do with leftover pizza and this post is the solution to that.

Pizza can be used in ways that you might not have imagined yet. You can make sandwiches, casseroles, toasts, and many more with your leftover pizza without spending too much money.

You no longer need to deal with soggy and cold pizza if you are hungry. Reheating your leftover pizza is good but you can make it even better by adding some twists to the leftover recipe.

Adding more ingredients will help you get a better-tasting food but making it simple will also give you an edge. You can still use your leftover pizza at your next party or afterparty.

Pizza can be healthy and you can make the best leftover pizza recipe without breaking a sweat. Reworking your pizza can be fun so you would not have to get tired of the same flavors.

1. Pizza Grilled Cheese, Pizza Corn Dog, Pizza Lasagna, and Pizza French Toast Bake

I love how this guide includes multiple options for making leftover pizza work. There are 4 recipes to choose from that you can do with any type of pizza.

Pizza grilled cheese is my favorite since it is the easiest recipe to do and you do not need complicated ingredients. It can be done within a few minutes which is great.

You reheat the pizza’s crust but this time, with more cheese in between the two slices. The pizza French toast bake is also really easy to do using almost the same ingredients.

With this guide, you can choose what recipe you are up to for that day and use your leftover pizza to make it.

2. Loaded Pizza Fries

Fries are one of the main side dishes that go well with pizza when you want to go all-out. So it is a great recipe to make with your leftover pizza and enjoy a delicious snack whenever.

Making the fries does not necessarily mean that you will make potato fries to eat with your pizza. You essentially are going to use the leftover pizza and make fries with it.

That may seem complicated, but really, you just need to cut the pizza slices into thinner ones and then load them on your cast-iron skillet with cheese and sliced crispy bacon.

From there, you can bake it and then drizzle your favorite dressing. You can also store them in the fridge in case you have leftovers.

Leftover pizza with fries is going to be a favorite of many and it is a super easy thing to make with leftover pizza. Consuming it can be messy so prepare some paper towels.

3. French Toast Leftover Pizza

Leftover pizza can be made into many things, but perhaps one of the French toast’s most common recipes. This French toast leftover pizza recipe will have you wanting more of that pizza.

There are not a lot of ingredients needed as you only need eggs, cream, salt, black pepper, and smoked paprika. Now, the paprika gives that reddish color but not too much spiciness.

From there, all you need to do is to cook or toast the pizzas on a medium-high heat griddle. You can use a cast-iron skillet over the stovetop if you are making just a slice of pizza.

This is a perfect recipe for your next game-day watch party or when you just want to eat something filling. You can even save some of the leftovers in fridge for the next watch party.

4. Scrambled Egg Pizza

Personally, the best breakfast involves scrambled eggs. That is the concept behind the scrambled egg pizza as it has a lot of nutrients, and it will surely get your day started.

You are going to be using leftover pizza with eggs in this recipe. If you love both leftover pizzas and eggs then you are going to enjoy this leftover pizza with eggs recipe.

After slicing the pizzas into smaller bite-sized pieces, you can then add them to the bowl with the eggs and stir them, beat the eggs, and mix all the pizza pieces into the mixture.

Just like how you would cook your scrambled eggs, place the mixture in a frying pan and cook it. 

After the pizza pieces are warmed up and the egg has been cooked to the consistency you like, you can top it with grated parmesan cheese or mozzarella cheese for maximum flavors.

This is another interesting way to use up the leftover pizza.

5. Leftover Pizza Omelette

More leftover pizza with egg recipes? Yes, please! Making a full breakfast with an omelette is never boring and it can start your day in a great way.

All you need to do is to deconstruct the pizza leaving most of the crust. You get all the toppings, cheese, and include some of the crust from the tip of the pizza slice for the omelette.

The toppings are chopped up into smaller pieces and then set aside. You can then prepare your eggs by seasoning them with salt and pepper before heating your butter or oil on a pan.

The eggs will be the food base, so you need to pour them into the pan first. Add the bits of pizza that you have cut and then fold the egg inside to help heat the pizza bits as you cook the entire omelette.

This one tastes better than most recipes and if you are wondering what to do with your leftover pizza then using it up while making a leftover pizza with egg recipe is the best way to eat pizzas.

6. Leftover Pizza Lasagna

Leftover pizza lasagna is not the most common recipe for your leftover pizza but it is up there. It is really easy to make and you get to add more familiar ingredients to the food.

There is also another way of making the recipe: simply cut the pizza slices into smaller ones and then stack them in a casserole with the toppings side facing down.

If you have those ingredients available, you can also do it with more complicated ingredients like parmesan, spaghetti sauce, ricotta, mozzarella, and seasoning.

I just stack up the pizza slices together to preserve the pizza flavors as the other ingredients are pretty hard to find. You can check in firdge compartments for the ingredients and be as creative with what you have.

7. Crunchy Leftover Pizza Croutons

Croutons are one of my favorite snacks, especially when I am watching my favorite movies. They are really easy to make and since they are small, they are not messy to consume.

Leftover pizza croutons are made with small cubes of sandwiches. I mean that you simply press the pizza slices against each other so the toppings are in the middle.

From there, all you need to do is slice them into smaller cubes and then saute them on a pan until the cheese melts and the crust has turned golden brown.

I love how this recipe also uses tomato sauce for the dip as it accentuates the flavors within the leftover pizza croutons.

8. Pizza Bread Pudding

If you are used to sweet bread pudding and want a twist, then this leftover pizza bread pudding recipe is for you. It is a savory mix of flavors with soft and chewy textures all around.

Just cut the pizza slices into smaller cube pieces and then place them on a baking dish. From there, all you need to do is soak the pizza slices in a mixture of milk, eggs, and Italian seasoning.

You do need to soak the pizza slices in the mixture, so to do this, help the crust absorb more of the mixture by pressing the pizza slices into the baking dish.

Bake the pudding and then enjoy a delicious mix of slightly salty but savory bread recipe as a snack.

9. Leftover Pizza With Eggs

Get your cast-iron skillet ready and at least three eggs. Leftover pizza goes well with eggs and that is why you have many options on this post that include eggs in the recipe.

I promise this one is different from the previous leftover pizza with eggs recipes shared in this list so do try this one out as well.

You will make scrambled eggs, but this time, you will make sure that the pizza is crispy to get an additional texture to the mix by reheating it first on the cast-iron skillet.

All you need to do is butter up the skillet and then reheat the pizza slices first. That way, you will still have that crisp on the crust and so that the cheese starts to melt as well.

Add your eggs and simply mix them until they are cooked. You will have a delicious breakfast that takes only 2 minutes to make from the ingredients in the firdge.

11. Leftover Pizza Breakfast Casserole

This leftover pizza breakfast casserole recipe is full of flavors that you can taste on a pizza, only this time, the cheese is accentuated along with eggs to add more crispy textures to the mix.

After slicing the pizza into small cubes, place them in a casserole dish and spread them loosely. Make sure that they do not press themselves into each other so the slices won’t squash each other.

With added seasonings and spices, you can taste better flavors of your favorite pizza topping as well as the delicious and fragrant flavors that you get from the herbs and spices.

Top the casserole with pepperoni to highlight the pizza flavor even more.

I like how the recipe truly gets to the base of the flavors and the soft texture that almost melts in your mouth is perfect.

12. Leftover Pizza Waffles

The hardest thing to do when reheating leftover pizza is to make the crust crispy again. This leftover pizza waffles recipe will teach you how to make the pizza crispy like it is fresh.

You need to fold the pizza over so that it can fit in the waffle maker. Add your favorite toppings in the pizza or more cheese so that the pizza will have more flavors inside when cooked.

I love putting extra toppings on the pizza waffles since the ones from when it was initially cooked can be hard to bring back and make it taste better.

This is a very easy way to cook your leftover pizza and make sure that you have a crispy snack or meal with your leftover pizza.

13. Leftover Pizza Fries

This is another creative option for making leftover pizza fries. It’s just a little disclaimer on the language on this video, but the recipe is perfect, so you can almost ignore that when you watch it.

The pizza slices are placed on top of each other so the toppings are mushed between the two slices. I love how the pizzas are pressed the entire time to squish all the toppings in between.

This creates a slim sandwich which you can then cut into smaller slices to create the fries. The fries are packed with toppings so every bite is filled with delicious pizza toppings that taste better.

The technique is to place another heavy object while cooking so that the pizza fries will become slimmer.

14. Leftover Cheese Pizza Salad

Have you ever had a salad with bread in the mix? It is delightful as you get a healthy appetizer with many textures and flavors to make the food even more exciting.

You can use your leftover pizza as a substitute for the bread. This recipe uses leftover cheese pizza which means that you are also adding more flavors to the salad.

I love how the toppings also blend well together with the fresh greens. The flavor is amazing and you get to have the perfect flavors while enjoying a healthy snack.

You can leave the leftover pizza crust or add it to create a crisp texture that goes well with the crunchy vegetables left in your fridge.

Check out this recipe.

15. Leftover Pizza Grilled Cheese by Rachael Ray

Adding more cheese into a recipe that already has a lot of cheese is great. While it does add more cholesterol to the mix, you are already eating pizza so might as well go all-in. 

Using butter to fry the crust slightly makes it even more savory and the crispy texture is regained. You can also add more toppings if you want so you get fresh-tasting flavors.

The cheese in between the pizza slices can vary. I love how you can mix different slices of cheese so that the flavor is even more versatile.

The guide also helps you how to properly toast the crust of the pizza slices.

The melted gooey cheese perfectly goes with the savory and crispy crust. This recipe is the perfect answer to someone who asks what to do with leftover pizza.

16. Leftover Pizza Rolls

Leftover pizza rolls are really easy to make and you only need 3 main ingredients to be creative. The leftover pizza, red sauce, and garnishes for the pizza rolls.

Instead of using raw dough, you can replace it with leftover pizza so it does not go to waste. This also brings more potential to make the rolls crispier than raw dough.

Just simply roll the pizza slices and create large snacks, or you can cut them into smaller pieces and use toothpicks to skewer the small folds in place and so they do not roll out, you can use air fryers or do it on the grill.

Put the red sauce you have made in the center of the plate and then surround it with the leftover pizza rolls for your perfect watch party snacks.

Check out the Recipe.

17. Leftover Pizza Corndogs

You can see that I have used the same source as the first one on the list. I like this guide because it gives you 4 options for making your leftover pizza into a delicious meal.

Corndogs are one of my favorite foods and making them is easy. You do not need hard-to-find ingredients as only a mixture of flour, seasonings, eggs, and water will do.

Just roll the pizza slices like you would with pizza rolls, only this time, you will insert a hotdog in between. Dip them in the batter and then deep-fry them for a few minutes.

The golden brown color of the corndogs is delicious and it makes you want to eat more of this delicious snack!

18. Leftover Pizza Paninis

While this recipe guides you on making paninis using pizza dough, you can save your time and use your leftover pizza to make the paninis and save your energy for making dough.

I always wondered what to do with leftover pizza and after trying different ways to use up leftover pizza, I found this recipe and it saved my day.

Paninis are a great snack that you can make whenever you like. The leftover pizza will give you all the flavors you need without mixing the ingredients from the beginning.

Pressing the two leftover pizza slices together, you will create a snack full of flavor with every bite. Place them in your panini maker and wait for the crust to become golden brown.

I love adding more cheese or more toppings to the pizza. The cheese melts easily and it gives the paninis more flavor.

19. Leftover Pizza Skewers

If your kids do not want to eat leftover pizza, you might want to make it more creative and fun. Making pizza skewers is easy and the soggy leftover pizza suddenly looks very tasty.

All you need to do is to slightly deconstruct the pizza if you have pepperoni toppings. Alternate the toppings and the crust when skewering the leftover pizza to give it a better look.

Within just 7 to 10 minutes of reheating over the grill, the pizza skewers will become crispy and full of flavor once again. Indoors, I usually use my air fryer and it works just as well.

I love dipping these leftover pizza skewers in either red sauce or BBQ sauce. If you find that weird, you can always choose your sauce for the dip.

Check out this recipe and let me know what you think.

20. Quick Leftover Pizza Soup

If you are not feeling well and you think that you cannot handle eating crunchy or crispy foods like the pizza’s crust, you can always use this pizza leftover hack and make pizza soup from your leftover pizza.

The secret here is to accentuate the flavors even more which will be perfect if you have a palate that cannot taste that well because of a clogged nose or if you want more flavors.

This is the perfect recipe you can make during the incoming cold months to keep your body full and warm.

It is easy to make and easy to consume since the recipe teaches you how to use either a regular blender or an immersion blender to make the soup look like a soft puree.

21. Bloody Mary With Leftover Pizza

If you love a casual drink in the afternoon, then you will be happy with this recipe. Making bloody mary is not hard and you only need a few ingredients to make delicious drink hacks.

Using your leftover pizza as toppings is perfect for this drink. You just need to cut the slices into thinner cuts to make the drink look more aesthetically pleasing when you top the pizza.

Get your vodka, lemon juice, pickle juice, lime juice, Worcestershire sauce, and spices ready for making this delicious drink.

You can always get a bite of the leftover pizza slices if you want to neutralize the alcohol in your mouth for a little bit. It depends on how strong you want your drink to be.

Click here for the recipe.

22. Leftover Pizza Potato Pancakes

You might not want this on the same night that you have eaten pizza but the next day, you will want to have a delicious snack made with your leftover pizza.

All you need to do is either bake or boil potatoes and then mash them into a smooth mixture. Get all the toppings from your leftover pizza and then mix them into the mashed potatoes.

You are still going to use the crust so nothing goes to waste here. Just use the crust as breadcrumbs for the leftover pizza potato cakes.

The crumbs add texture to the mix while the savory flavors from the pizza toppings and the sweetness from the potatoes go well together and you can taste better every flavor in every bite.

23. Pizza Stuffing

You might have heard or even eaten stuffed pizza and it is delicious. However, you might not have heard of this pizza hack where pizza is used as the stuffing for other recipes you can make.

If you are going to cook turkey, you can use your leftover pizza for the stuffing. All you need to do is cut the pizza into small cubes and then soak them in a mixture of broth and butter.

Bake the leftover pizza and then it will be ready. You can consume it as it is or put it inside the turkey before you roast it to add more flavors inside the body cavity of the turkey.

Some stuffing can be put to waste because they only add fragrance, this stuffing can be a whole meal, so it is sure to not waste.

24. Leftover Pizza Cake Stack

Thin-crust pizza is one of my favorite types of pizza and even though they are light, I often have leftovers. So I figured that stacking them together would make a great hack for me to eat more, and it did.

It is pretty cool and easy to do as you only need to stack all the pizza layers together and then bake them again. This somehow softens the crusts in between but the bottom part still gets that crispy texture.

Using cheese as the frosting for the leftover pizza cake is great as it becomes more savory and makes you want to eat more.

Keep in mind that you will still have to cook it in ovens like regular home ovens instead of a microwave oven. A microwave oven still heats the leftover pizza but it leaves it dry and soggy.

It is also better to use an air fryer as air fryers function like regular ovens by using conductive heat so the cake stack will be heated all around.

Check out the recipe.

25. Leftover Pizza Meatballs

The guide that you will see in the video uses fresh dough that is leftover when making pizzas. You can still use your leftover pizza in this recipe to make the best pizza meatballs.

There are two ways to make cool0 leftover pizza meatballs and both are easy to do so you can choose what you prefer.

The first is to mix your ground beef in a bowl and heat them before wrapping them in the leftover pizza. This gives you two distinct flavors that go well together.

The other method is to cut up the leftover pizza or give it a few turns in the blender.

From there, you can mix the leftover pizza in the ground beef mixture and then cook them together.

26. Leftover Pizza Quiche

Making pie out of your leftover pizza is cool and fun as you still get to taste the flavors on your pizza while highlighting other flavors from the added ingredients in the pizza quiche recipe.

Replacing the raw dough with leftover pizza is perfect as it gives the pizza a crispier texture when cooked. Use ground turkey or any meat that you want to put in the quiche.

You can also opt to let the toppings stay or scrape them off so you can get the flavors from the other ingredients to be highlighted. 

This recipe tells you to cut the pizza into smaller pieces and use it as a pie filling. This is a great method as you still get to keep all the flavors in the pizza while adding some more as you cook it in oven.

27. Tomato Bisque

If you have a tomato soup ready, you can always get your leftover pizza and twist it. You can either cut up the leftover pizza and dip it into the sauce or mix it with the tomato sauce.

Just cut the slices into small, longer cuts and then toast them with butter to turn them into savory bread recipes like breadsticks. You can dip them into the sauce later for a satisfying snack.

There are other ways to make it and you can also go the other way where you mix the leftover pizza into the sauce.

All you need to do is cut up the leftover pizza into smaller cubes and then put them in a pan with cream and cheese.

From there, puree the mixture and then garnish with cheese and parsley.

28. Leftover Pizza Burgers

Pizza and burgers go well together so making burgers out of your leftover pizza is really cool for many food enthusiasts. There are also two main ways of making leftover pizza burgers.

You can either make regular burgers and mix the pizza toppings into the burger patties. From there, you can use the pizza sauce and cheese on the pizza as the toppings for the burgers.

The other way is making the burgers using the leftover pizza as the buns. Just place the burger patties between two pizza slices and then place them on the grill to cook and become crispy.

I figured that cutting the pizza slices into small circular pizza burgers is best to make up for the shape of the burger patties.

Check out this recipe.

29. Onion Soup With Leftover Pizza

The ingredients you use on your onion soup can be used as pizza toppings as well. However, that is not what we are going for when making an onion soup with leftover pizza.

What we are going to do is assemble the onion soup like how you would usually do. The difference is lining the bottom of the soup bowl with leftover pizza instead of French bread.

This will incorporate the flavors of the pizza into the mix, making the soup even more delicious and savory. You can also always reheat it in oven when you want another batch.

As the hot soup melts through the leftover pizza, the crust, along with the toppings and the cheese will get incorporated into the soup, creating a new, delicious, and savory flavor.

Onion Soup with Leftover Pizza is probably one of the most comforting recipes that you can make with leftover pizza.

Check out the recipe here.

30. Dessert Leftover Pizza

I would not like pizza as a dessert after getting full of pizza. I am thinking of making a dessert out of pizza so you can enjoy the same sweet and savory taste for another meal without cooking in ovens.

This might sound complicated but it is a really easy process. You do not get to waste the savory flavors from the cheese and the pizza toppings as you can turn them into a meal.

I love this recipe because all you need is scrape off the pizza toppings and then cook them into anything you want. In this guide, you get to make scrambled eggs with them.

The slices of pizzas that are scraped off of their toppings can be used as pitas, just put some Nutella or jelly and have yourself a dessert after eating the savory leftover pizza topping scrambled eggs.

Check out this recipe and let me know what you think.

This is one of the dessert edition of the best things to do to make with leftover pizza and you are not going ot regret it.

31. Leftover Pizza Quesadilla

Deep-fried quesadilla is one of the best things I usually make. This leftover pizza quesadilla is a great example of what you can make to get a light meal with your leftover pizza.

Instead of using the classic tortillas, use your leftover pizza and put any cheese that you want in it. This makes the quesadillas more savory because of the toppings from the pizza.

Coat the leftover pizza and extra cheese in flour and then dip them in egg batter. From there, you can either coat it again with flour or use bread crumbs to get more crispy textures on it.

Deep-fry the leftover pizza quesadillas until they are golden brown and then enjoy a hearty meal with your favorite dip. You can always reheat it in ovens but cooking it for the first time should be fried.

Quesadillas in general are my favourites and if you have never tried this recipe then you should because it is one of my favourite recipes.

32. Leftover Pizza Popcorn

Popcorn is best eaten with a coating in it. While there are common coatings like caramel, chocolate, and salt, you can also use your leftover pizza and make a savory popcorn coating.

Scrape off the pizza toppings from your leftover pizza and then saute them in a pan. Add cream and cheese and let the mixture reduce until it has a sticky consistency, this is the perfect popcorn movie hack.

I usually add cheese and ignore the pizza sauce as it is harder to reduce and will hardly become sticky when cooked.

From there, toss your popcorn into the mix as well as the pizza crust that you have cut into small cubes. Stir until the popcorn and the pizza crust cubes are coated evenly with the mixture.

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