Domino’s Brooklyn Style Pizza Review- Delicious?

Dominos is a known pizza brand, and eating pizzas from Domino’s reminds me of my childhood. So this weekend, I ordered their Brooklyn-style pizza, and I was pleasantly surprised with them.

You are missing out if you do not know how delicious the classic Brooklyn-style pizza is. There are a bunch of places in New York where you can eat pizzas, and all of them taste amazing.

If you love a thin floppy crust pizza that can fold in half, but at the same time, the crust is crispy, chewy, and flavourful, then you will like a classic Brooklyn-style pizza.

Enough of me ranting about how good a Brooklyn-style pizza is, and let’s rate Domino’s Brooklyn-style pizza and see if it lives up to my expectations.

What makes Domino’s Brooklyn Style Pizza Different?

The Dominos Brooklyn-style pizza has a thinner crust than hand-tossed pizza and a slightly thicker crust than their thin-crust pizzas.

Domino’s Brooklyn Style Pizza Vs. Dominos Hand-tossed Pizza 

Dominos Brooklyn Style pizza claims that this pizza has a thin crust, and it does, but I have to add that a classic Brooklyn-style pizza from a pizzeria in Brooklyn will have a thinner crust.

Also, there is an inconsistency within the Dominos pizza chains, the Domino’s Brooklyn Style pizza will taste great in some chains, but in some chains, they would be just OKAY.

Dominos Brooklyn Style Pizza Review

I have to be honest, I thought they would make the crust thinner than it was on the Brooklyn pizza crust, but at least it was thinner than the bread-like hand-tossed pizza crust.

The pizza sauce felt like a typical domino sauce where you get the nice tangy and a little herby flavor, and it was the same sauce you will get on any other pizza you ordered from Dominos.

Since I usually order their hand-tossed pizzas, I can say it is the same sauce you can find on their hand-tossed pizzas.

The pizza tasted cheesy because the crust was thinner, and it complimented the taste of the toppings and the sauce.

I ordered a Pepperoni pizza, so the pepperoni added to the tangy, creamy flavors from the rest of the ingredients in the pizza.

The pizza was a little greasy, but I did not find it any different from their regular pizzas.

If you want a thinner crust than their hand-tossed pizzas, you should order it. 

Can you fold the Dominos Brooklyn Style Pizza?

Unlike their thin crust pizza, the Dominos Brooklyn Style Pizza is chewy and thin and resembles the classic Brooklyn style pizza.

You can easily fold their pie, that’s how thin the crust is, and you still get a nice chewy yet crispy base with every bite.

It was fun to eat a pizza from a pizza delivery chain where one could get the classic Brooklyn pizza feel. However, is it as good as the Brooklyn Pizzas you get in pizzerias?

Definitely, not! I could taste ‘Dominos’ in my pizza, which tasted like a pizza you ordered from a delivery chain.

The pizza you get from pizzerias has unique pizza sauce recipes, and that is what makes them so unique.

It is just another commercialized pizza that you are going to eat. 

So, How does the Domino’s Brooklyn Pizza Taste?

The Brooklyn Pizza tastes like any other pizza you can get from Dominos. If you love eating pizzas and have ever tried a Neapolitan pizza, then you will not enjoy it as much.

I love eating Neapolitan pizza and cannot fall in love with pizzas from Dominos; they taste like ‘fast-food’.

However, if you have had a long day at work and want to order pizza from Dominos, this is not a bad option. You can go for this for a change instead of the regular hand-tossed pizza.

I usually like a simple hand-tossed pizza, but I think this would be my new go-to from now on.

The calories on this pizza would be way less than its other counterparts since it has the lesser dough and more toppings and cheese.

If you want to look at the nutrition or carbs in these slices, I recommend you look away because these pizzas are calorie-heavy. 

A pizza slice is around 180 calories depending on the toppings you order. So, eat a slice of domino’s pizza once in a while or on your cheat day.

I rate the Domino’s Brooklyn-style pizza a good 6/10 and if you have tried this pizza, let me know in the comments below what you think about it?

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Domino’s Brooklyn Style Pizza Vs. Hand-tossed Pizza 

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  1. I have ordered the Brooklyn pizza many times and it is usually delicious and exactly what I want this evening when I ordered the Brooklyn’s neither one of them came out thin crust I called and told the girl and she told me how she made them from a medium crust and she was new and didn’t quite know how to do it then she proceeded to tell me she could make them again but it would probably come out about the same I asked her if she couldn’t have somebody else in there do it that knew how to do it she said it was nobody there that knew how to do it so needless to say I will not order from the dominoes atMorgan Road again

    1. I have heard some outlets are not great. They do have an inconsistency in the way the pizzas are made at different outlets.

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