Best Pizza Chain To Deliver For! {Dominos, Pizza Hut, or…}

Pizza delivery is one of the most convenient ways to get our favorite food at our doorstep. Pizza delivery drivers do a great job of ensuring that the food arrives in the best condition.

The competition is not only about the pizzas that we order, and there is also something between the pizza chains and the drivers that they employ.

For drivers, they have to choose the pizza chain with the best benefits. The work is the one they applied for and it should pay decently.

It is hard to find a pizza delivery chain, so having many options is better. It has some disadvantages like choosing which is the best, however.

How much does a pizza delivery driver make

There are also some reviews from the delivery drivers on how each pizza chain has its advantages and disadvantages.

So this post aims to settle it once and for all so that the delivery drivers can choose which is the best pizza chain to work for as a pizza delivery driver.

Minimum Wage For Different Pizza Chains

Small pizza chains or independent pizza chains with less than 30 branches have a minimum wage of around $10 around the country while larger ones pay $15 an hour.

This differs in each state so depending on where the branch is, they might pay lower or higher based on the state that they are in. 

For example, in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, the minimum wage is only $7.25 per hour while New York has a minimum wage of $11.10 for a small business or a small pizza chain.

Pizza chains with more than 30 branches like Pizza Hut and Domino’s have a minimum wage of $15 per hour. 

There is a higher pay in large pizza chains than individual pizza businesses or smaller ones. However, there can be more benefits to the individual such as lighter work.

Which Pizza Place Pays Delivery Drivers The Most?

Large pizza chains like Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, and Domino’s pay pizza delivery drivers the most. One of the main reasons is that they have many branches and can afford higher pay.

One of the bigger disadvantages that large pizza chains have is the competition. Since they pay higher than small independent pizza chains, many drivers apply for the position.

There is also a bit of luck involved as independent pizza places are paying higher than other large pizza chains.

Some drivers even complain about large pizza chains like some branches of Pizza Hut that make drivers wash greasy pans that stain the driver’s uniform, making it unhygienic.

Which Is The Best Pizza Chain To Work For?

Domino’s is the best pizza chain to work for because they have fewer complaints than Pizza Hut, the second leading pizza chain in the world.

While Pizza Hut pays the workers more than Domino’s, Domino’s has a better workplace environment and treats the employees well.

That goes with the drivers, cooking staff, and waiters. So in my personal opinion, Domino’s is still the best pizza chain to work for in terms of the environment and workload.

Do not get me wrong, Pizza Hut is a great place to work as they also treat their employees well but some branches do not have the same standards.

Some reviews even say that some drivers are tasked to clean oily pots that stain their uniforms or make oil stick to them which is not good for someone who delivers to multiple customers.

Pizza Hut also pays more so I would still work for them but in terms of the actual work and environment, Domino’s is a great place to work for.

Which Pizza Chain Pays Delivery Drivers The Most?

Pizza Hut, on average, pays pizza delivery drivers the most at $15.66 per hour. Domino’s comes in second by paying their pizza delivery drivers $14.72 per hour.

The pay, however, depends on the state that you are in. For example, Pizza Hut branches in New York pay pizza delivery drivers more compared to branches in Kansas or Nebraska.

The difference between the pay is not that large by the hour but as it builds up to a year, the difference can be thousands of dollars.

Below is a chart representing the hourly rate of some of the more famous pizza chains in the US.

Pizza ChainHourly Rate
Pizza Hut$15.66
Papa John’s$12.53
Round Table Pizza$12.00
Mountain Mikes Pizza$12.00
Hungry Howie’s Pizza$10.00

Some independent businesses do not pay by the hour and the delivery drivers have to depend on how many orders they can deliver within their shift.

In these cases, it is also best to choose the pizza chain that has the best pizza so there would be more people to order from it and as a driver, you will be able to earn more by delivering more.

What Food Chain Makes The Best Pizza?

Domino’s makes the best pizzas out of all the more popular pizza chains on this post. There are independent pizza places with specialties, but Domino’s has the best overall pizzas.


I love the pizza from Domino’s, first and foremost, because it is also really easy to order from them.

The delivery is excellent from the timing to the quality of the pizza when it arrived.

The crust of any Domino’s pizza is superior because it is always crispy and sturdy enough to not need a plate. Plus, the overall flavor of the pizza is truly amazing.

Pizza Hut

My second pick would have to be Pizza Hut, one of the more familiar pizzas that I know. The flavors are amazing and having the option to choose the toppings is also a great addition.

The delivery is also great as the pizza came hot and full of delicious toppings. The stuffed crust is one of the best pizzas on the menu and I recommend it.

Little Caesar’s 

It might not be the most popular pizza chain but Little Caesar’s Pizza can be used against the best pizza chains. 

I love Little Caesar’s pepperoni and cheese toppings. The flavors are just unique in a good way yet familiar to the palate.

Little Caesar’s disadvantage is that they do not deliver so ordering ahead of time and scheduling a pick up is the best way to get a fresh and delicious pie.

Papa John’s

Papa John’s Pizza might be last on this list but it does not mean they do not have great pizzas, they do. My favorite from them is the unique sauce that has a little bit of sweetness to it.

There is also the garlic sauce dip that really accentuates the flavors of the pizza.

So these are the best pizza chains that make the best pizzas but do they pay as well as the pizzas they make?

How Much Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Make Per Hour?

On average, a pizza delivery driver makes $10.43 an hour. This might not seem like a lot but in a year, a pizza delivery driver can make more than $21,000.

Again, the hourly wage differs depending on the state that they are in and the pizza chain that they have been employed in.

Check out this full chart of the pay for a pizza delivery driver in each state in the US.

That is why it is also important to make sure that applying for the right pizza chain and in the state that pays the most.

Is It Better To Work For Pizza Hut Or Domino’s?

It is better to work for Pizza Hut when it comes to the salary as they pay a little more than Domino’s. Then again, that still depends on the branch’s area.

While I prefer to work for Domino’s, some factors need to be considered, like the location, the culture, and the overall reviews where Pizza Hut might be better.

Most reviews say that Pizza Hut employees have a better work/life balance which most of us would prefer while the culture of each pizza chain has the same rating.

Some say that Pizza Hut has overworked and underpaid employees, which might depend on their location.

The overall rating for both pizza chains is pretty much the same so I would still stick to going with Domino’s.

You can look at the full comparison between Pizza Hut and Domino’s here.

While Pizza Hut relatively pays a little higher than Domino’s, there are also incentives and tips that drivers receive which can add to the salary of delivery drivers.

How Much Is Tip For Pizza Delivery?

The consensus is that pizza delivery drivers should be tipped 10% of the entire bill. For orders over $20, the delivery driver should be tipped any amount but not less than $5.

Orders that cost less than $20 are tipped with $3 while the larger bills are tipped with at least 10% of the entire bill.

The tip also depends on the quality of the service. The tip can get up to 20% of the entire bill for excellent delivery services.

10% is the least tip that should be given for bad or mediocre services while good services should be tipped with at least 16%.

We have an entire post about how much a delivery driver should be tipped so you can read that for more detailed information.

What Is The Salary Of A Pizza Delivery Boy In the U.S.A.?

The average annual salary of a pizza delivery driver in the U.S. is $22,115 as of April 26, 2022. That has slightly increased because of the higher required minimum wage.

Just a few years ago, delivery drivers earn a little less than $17,00 a year. Today, the delivery drivers earn somewhere between $20,000 and $25,553 annually.

Again, there are factors like the location and pizza chain that they work for that make a delivery driver’s salary different. 

There are also the tips, incentives, and bonuses that also come into play that can make that number go higher.

Third-party delivery drivers might also get either less or more from the company they work in.

How Do Door Dashers Get Paid?

Delivery drivers for DoorDash are paid weekly, and their pay goes directly to their bank accounts or through DasherDirect, only available for U.S. drivers.

The drivers can withdraw the money once daily with a charge of $1.99 for every transaction. That is why most of them withdraw the whole amount in just one go for fewer charges.

One benefit the DoorDash delivery drivers get is that they always get the full amount of tip that you give them even if the tip is short.

So for example, if the minimum tip is $10 and you paid only $9, DoorDash pays for the $1 base so the driver gets the full $10 tip.

It is not easy to deliver food as there are so many risks with the job so giving them the tip is the least we can do to help them.

There are many pizza chains in the U.S. but not all pay the same. So choosing which pizza chain to work for can be difficult.

Either way, the choices for large pizza chains and independent pizza businesses are almost endless so choosing one won’t be that big of a problem!

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