Domino’s Brooklyn Style Pizza Vs. Thin Crust Pizza

Pizza is very popular anywhere you go worldwide, but Domino’s has made the most of the market. Domino’s Brooklyn crust and thin-crust pizza looked very similar to me initially.

So here we will be comparing Domino’s Brooklyn-style pizza vs. Thin Crust pizzas.

There are also other options in terms of crust that you can choose from Domino’s.

However, we chose to compare these two since they are the closest to each other when it comes to the crust.

These pizza crusts are thin and crispy while also having the right amount of sauce and toppings.

I have made thin crust pizzas at home and I never went back to ever ordering from Dominos but for this comparison’s sake let’s compare these two.

They are a perfect snack since you can order them whenever you want and Dominos delivery is top-notch and quick.

 These two pizzas from Domino’s have the thinnest crusts that they offer.

The crust has basic ingredients that you see with other pizzas, and you can of course customize your toppings to your liking.

There is also a huge difference between the two when it comes to the texture of the crust in the two Dominos Pizza.

So here, we will be taking a deep dive into the details of how these pizza crusts are different from each other in terms of taste and crusts.


What’s in Domino’s Brooklyn-style Pizza?

 In general, the Brooklyn-style pizza, invented in Coney island in 1924, and Domino’s released its version in 2006. So it is relatively new compared to other pizzerias that cook it. 

Domino’s Brooklyn Style Pizza Vs. Dominos Hand-tossed Pizza 

When you compare the Dominos Brooklyn-style pizza with other types of pizzas, you will find that it has a relatively thin crust. 

 However, there is a clear difference between the Dominos Brooklyn-style pizza and the Dominos thin crust pizza.

The domino’s pizza Brooklyn style crust is thinner and has a nice soft chewy texture. The pizza slice is foldable like a typical New York style pizza.

The first impression I got from holding a slice of the Dominos Brookly Style pizza is that it is very similar to a New York style pizza in terms of the crust.

When you put the Dominos Brooklyn-style pizza vs. New York-style pizza side by side, you will find the main difference in the crust.

The New York pizza crust is a little chewier in comparison to the Brooklyn style crust which is crisp. However, the Dominos Brookly style pizza crust is very similar to the New York pizza crust.

You can fold the Dominos Brooklyn-style pizza and eat it on the go.

So if you love authentic Neapolitan pizzas, then you will love the Brooklyn-style pizza.

Although, in my personal opinion Neapolitan pizzas are far superior to any processed food chain pizzas including the Domino’s Pizza Brooklyn style crust.

It has the same crunch and crispness with the flavors and definitely far better.

The Dominos Brooklyn style pizza has a much higher price compared to the other types of pizzas from Domino’s.

The Dominos Brooklyn-style pizza in extra-large size sold at around $15, with the smaller one at $10.

When you get one from Domino’s, the great thing about it is that you can have a side dish to go with your pizza.

I find that it goes well with baked chicken wings or other side dishes with chicken.

There is no way one can definitely review the dominos Brooklyn-style pizza review because there are a lot of aspects to consider.

All, I can do is give my opinion on the pizza and how I felt when I eat it in comparison to the thin-crust pizza from Dominos.


What Is The Domino’s Thin Crust Pizza?

While these two are almost the same when it comes to the crust and the first look, you will find them very different from each other when you look at the details in them.

The thin-crust pizza from Domino’s is, of course, the thinnest crust from the pizza chain.

It is different from the other types of pizzas that are available from the stores.

The pizza crust is usually very thin and it has a cracker-like texture. It is dry in comparison to the Brooklyn style pizza.

 There is also a different taste with taste when you compare it to the Brooklyn-style pizza.

The sauce itself is different, as Domino’s claims, but it can sometimes be normal to the palate. 

The thin-crust pizza price is a little lower than the Brooklyn-style, but there is not much difference.

So depending on which crust you like more, there is not much difference in the cost.


The Major Differences

The crust was the main difference in my opinion. The Dominos thin crust pizza has an extremely thin cracker-like pizza crust.

It felt like I could inhale the entire pizza, that is how light the crust feels when you are eating it.

 So here, we went into the troubles of looking into the different parts of the pizzas so you can just see the differences.

We will break down the pizzas and see how they are different. 


Domino’s Brooklyn Style Pizza Vs. Thin Crust Calories

The Crust

The dough used in making the pizzas is different at least feels like it.

You can see that they have the two thinnest crusts in both of these pizzas as I have mentioned before the thin crust is the thinnest amongst the two. 

Each of these pizzas has a unique twist to its crust.

Yes, they are both thin, but they do have small differences, and let’s find that out.

The Brooklyn-style pizza has a very thin crust and it is chewy, it feels like a typical New York style pizza but it is not exactly the same.

It has more chew to it and it is slightly crisp at the bottom.

The thin crust pizza is like the pizza is made on a cracker. Period.

It feels very light and one person can probably eat a large or medium thin crust pizza without any issues. Yes, that is how light this pizza is and you are going to love it.

The Dominos thin crust pizza gets over so fast, especially if two people are eating one pizza.

My friend and I finished it in a few minutes which was quick and we still could eat more. The Dominos Brookly pizza feels far more satisfying than the thin crust pizza.

Since we picked up pepperoni pizza in both crusts, so there was no difference in the toppings, maintaining uniformity for the comparison.


The Sauce

 There is also a unique twist with the sauces used in each of these pizzas.

The thin-crust pizza uses a unique blend that Domino’s claims to be their best pizza sauce out of all sauces.

The company claims that the thin-crust pizza uses its new and robust tomato sauce, which is supposed to give your palate a tangy taste to counter some of the pizza’s grease and oil. 

However, when I tasted it, I did not find that much of a difference.

Yes, it was tangy and full of flavor, but that is what you usually get when you order the other types of pizzas from Domino’s.

The positive thing that I can say about the thin-crust pizza sauce is that the salty and sweet flavors are prominent. They blend very well with the cured meat topping.

The Brooklyn-style pizza has a unique sauce as it differs from branch to branch.

Some use the classic tomato sauce used in most of the pizzas that you order from Domino’s.

This sauce has a tangy taste and gives the pizza a very uniform taste with the blending of the flavors from the toppings, cheese, sauce, and thin crust.

What makes the Brooklyn-style pizza unique in terms of sauce is that some branches use tomato paste instead of tomato sauce.

This is not that bad but it can sometimes be bland.

 You will taste all of the tomatoes from the paste and remove the usual sweet and salty flavor.

What I mean by this is that the tomato paste has a very prominent flavor to it.

This flavor can sometimes blend harmoniously with the other ingredients, but it covers all of the other flavors most of the time. That is why I prefer the classic sauce found in the thin-crust pizza.

Although, this can differ from one branch to another, so it is somewhat based on that and your personal preference as well.


The Cheese And Toppings

There is not much difference between the thin-crust pizza and the usual pizzas from Domino’s when it comes to the toppings and cheese. They use the same ingredients in making the pizza.

The thin-crust pizza usually uses mozzarella cheese and is topped with pepperoni or the topping of your request.

I can easily tell that they use the typical store bought shredded mozzarella cheese.

I say stick to the pepperoni as it blends well with the pizza sauce.

 The Brooklyn-style pizza has a very unique style and has a different kind of cheese.

Instead of plain mozzarella, it uses a blend of whole milk mozzarella and provolone cheese.

This gives the pizza a very unique taste and it blends well with the other ingredients. The airy yet crispy crust gives the right texture to the pizza and makes them a great snack.

Domino’s Brooklyn Pizza vs Domino’s Thin Crust Pizza

There are quite a few differences between the Dominos Brookly Pizza crust and the Dominos Thin crust pizza.

The Brooklyn pizza crust is more chewy and thin while the thin crust pizza has a cracker-like texture.

You can eat more of the thin crust pizza for sure in one sitting because the crust is so light that it feels like nothing.

I would personally choose the Dominos Brooklyn Style Pizza over the Thin crust one because I just like my crust that way but it totally depends on how you like your pizza as well.

Choosing different toppings on each pizza can give you better or varied opinions but I think the Brooklyn crust is my favorite amongst the two regardless of the toppings.

I think I prefer a nice chewy crust over the cracker-like crust that you get in thin crust pizza from Dominos.

The rest of the ingredients felt the same. Although, you could easily make a nice crispy thin crust Margherita pizza at home with fresh ingredients.

I find making pizza at home far better than ordering through outlets because it is cheaper and it is far easier to make than you think.

You can make the pizza dough in bulk and store it in your freezer and just thaw it whenever you need to make a pizza and quickly bake one in your domestic oven within 10-15 minutes.

So, you can choose between processed pizza from Dominos and making them at home yourself where you can choose fresh ingredients, save a ton of money and you can eat as much as you like.

Making pizzas is easier than you think!

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