Domino’s Pan Pizza Vs. Dominos Hand-tossed Pizza

Have you ever been confused as to which type of pizza you should order from Domino’s?

In this post, we would compare the Domino’s pan pizza Vs. Hand-tossed comparison.

There are many types of pizzas or crusts that you can choose from Domino’s, and they differ from each other with different textures as taste.

Recently we got to review the Brooklyn pizza from Dominos and that was fun considering how delicious the pizza was!

We took the time to look into these differences so you can choose the best pizza. Get that you will never go wrong with either type of pizza, but you choose based on your wants.

Not all of us have the same palate or preferences when it comes to pizza, so it is only right that you get to choose which type of pizza crust you like more compared to most types of pizza.

Read on to know how to differentiate these two different types of pizza and choose the best.


What Is Domino’s Hand-tossed pizza?

This type of pizza is perfect if you love the traditional way of making and texture of pizza.

It is Handmade and starts with the dough being tossed and caught in the air.

 There is a theory that the hand-tossed dough of the pizza gets more air inside it. 

The air inside the dough then helps it cook properly with enough softness on the inside for a chewy texture.

However, since it is handmade, it is one of my favorites as it gives that authentic vibe. The crust texture when cooked is just right as it has a slightly softer texture and crispy outside. 

The delicious crust is made with the best ingredients and stretched by hand for a better stretch of the dough.

This gives you a nice fluffy crust that is thick enough to hold the toppings.

When it comes to taste, the hand-tossed pizza has this unique and slightly sweeter flavor. It might not be too prominent, but you can taste the difference in this thin crust.


What Is Domino’s Pan Pizza?

 This pizza from Domino’s tastes great with its many toppings. It is the thickest option from the pizza chain, and it is slightly thicker than the hand-tossed pizza from Domino’s.

The pan pizza has a different pizza crust from the other types of pizza from the pizza chain.

It holds toppings easily as the crust has a larger dough and thicker than a normal thin crust pizza.

 It is not thin but still cooked so that it becomes crispy when finished. The texture gives you something like bread, especially on the edges of the pan pizza when cooked.

This is because of the airy edges, meant to hold the toppings in place. The process, though, makes the pizza sturdy enough, so it does not slop or sog down when lifted.

 Since the pizza incorporates many sauces and other wetter ingredients, you need to make it differently to retain its shape. This is a very great pizza for having a meal.

 The size between these two types of pizza is different, and you can see that right away. The crust is the main difference between these two, but there is so much more inside.

Here, we will start to deconstruct each pizza and see what differentiates these pizzas from each other. That way, you will get to know which type of pizza is best for you.


The Dough 

The first difference between Domino’s pan pizza and hand-tossed pizza is the dough. The ingredients do not vary much, but they do have a different processing style.

 The dough used for both of these pizzas has the traditional combination of flour, yeast, water, salt, and olive oil. Despite having the same ingredients, they come out differently.

The dough of the hand-tossed pizza crust is thinner than the pan pizza, resulting in a softer texture of the crust. The hand-tossed crust is softer but does not bend too much when lifted.

The dough is also allowed to rise more in the hand-tossed pizza. The pan pizza retains its shape, so it does not spread further than the pan when cooked, and so it hardens in that shape.


How They Are Shaped

 The baker tosses the hand-tossed pizza dough in the air to spread out the thick dough. First, you make the dough ball, then you flatten and stretch the dough by hand on a working surface first before tossing.

 Once the dough is split into small sections, the baker uses his hands to throw the dough in the air and catches it with his hands.

While spinning in the air, the dough spreads out on the edges, so the hand-tossed crust has a more circular shape than the other types of pizza from Domino’s shaped by hand.

The baker closes his fist when tossing and catching the dough to ensure that the pizza lands on a wider surface area and prevents it from ripping apart or making a hole in the dough itself.

 On the other hand, the pan pizza has a more circular shape. It bakes in a pan to attain and retain the circular shape.

The same initial process goes with the pan pizza as it starts with a ball of dough. It then spreads flat into a slightly thicker crust and then laid over a pan until it covers it.

Using his hands, the baker pushes the dough into the pan’s edges to give it its round shape. The baker also bushes a thin layer of oil on the pan to prevent the dough from sticking.

This also slightly fries the dough when cooked to give it a crispy crust. The dough is left alone to rise slightly before adding the toppings to the pan pizza.


The Crust

 The next difference that is very prominent between the two types of pizza from Domino’s is the crust itself. You will notice the difference between these two.

The pan pizza has a thicker and fluffier crust than the hand-tossed pizza. It is because of the processes that the two crusts have been through, as mentioned in this post. 

The pan pizza crust has an oily look because of the thin layer of oil underneath it between the dough and the pan. The crust is perfectly browned but not burnt despite being fried a little.

 The hand-tossed pizza has a thinner and crispy crust that has less cheese. It also does not look greasy as it is cooks directly in the oven with no oil needed to prevent it from sticking.


The Toppings

 The ingredients used for each pizza’s toppings can be the same, but you can also opt for different toppings. Both have evenly distributed toppings on them, though. 

The pan pizza is just a little different since it uses a lot more cheese on the toppings. It makes the pizza look buttery, with the crust blending well with the toppings to not look too dry.

The hand-tossed pizza supports fewer toppings than the pan pizza because of its thinner crust. It also used less cheese and sauce, which crusts the dry but crispy texture it has.

It does not mean that the hand-tossed pizza is dry, but it has that different texture. It complements the sauce and the cheese well, but it is not as buttery as the pan pizza.

 Again, you can change each pizza toppings if you think that the toppings do not complement the crust. You can choose from the classic pepperoni or go with vegetables.


Texture And Taste

The pan pizza has a softer texture to it, but it tastes delicious. The buttery look from the cheese that goes even to the pizza crust edges makes the pan pizza a flavorful option for you.

 The hand-tossed pizza has a thin and dry crust that gives that crunch when you bite into it. The hand-tossed pizza is a better choice if you do not want too much oil to go on your pizza. 

The pan pizza’s browning is perfect as the pizza turns golden brown because of its oil. It blends well with the toppings and a large amount of cheese on it.


The Temperature They Are Cooked In 

There is also a difference in the cooking temperature of these two pizzas. The hand-tossed pizza cooks at around 500 degrees Fahrenheit and is done in five minutes.

 The pan pizza usually cooks at higher temperatures of around 700-800 degrees Fahrenheit because of its thicker crust and the heavy toppings laid on top of the pan pizza.

 It also takes longer to cook the pan pizza to ensure that the toppings cook well but mainly to cook the thick crust.

 The pan pizza’s insides need to stay longer in the oven for them to cook evenly.



Domino’s has copied many types of pizzas, but they have never been disappointed with their versions. The pan pizza is a perfect pizza for when you and your friends want a large meal. 

It has the best ingredients, and you can enjoy it while watching a movie or hanging out with friends. If you are in a hurry and want a quick meal while walking, you can go with the hand-tossed pizza.

 The hand-tossed pizza has a thin crust and a thin layer of toppings that you can carry around even when moving. So choose which pizza applies to your preferences and enjoy!

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