Does pizza make you fat?- The truth behind this myth…

There are a lot of people who argue that eating pizza makes you fat, but in reality, it just does not work that way…

Like any other food, Pizza has its own nutritional value, and you need to consider the calories that you would be consuming with every slice.

Like any other food, if you consume a lot of pizza(calories) without keeping your daily calorie intake in check, you will definitely add a few extra pounds.


On the other hand, if you accommodate pizza in your daily calorie intake and manage to get a good amount of exercise, then eating pizza once in a while is not going to do you a lot of harm.

There are many other ways to restrict the number of calories that you consume every time you are having a pizza.

If you really want to cut your losses, follow the following tips: you would be doing yourself a huge favor by considering these tips as they can save you A LOT of calories.


1. Try avoiding cheese crust

If you really want to eat more pizza slices without putting on weight, you might want to consider eating a thin crust pizza and not going for the pizza with a lot of cheese in the crust.

Believe me, eating thin-crust pizza can help you save many calories as a deep dish cheese crust pizza can have almost 700 calories a slice, while a thin crust pizza with some basic toppings and cheese can have around 350 calories.

Basically, you would be saving 350 calories. Most of us burn 350 calories in a one-hour workout, so you might want to think about it.

Again, if you are going to eat in moderation and fine with just one slice of the deep dish cheese crust pizza, you might as well go for it.

But keep in mind that you do not go overboard if you want to keep your weight in check and at the same time enjoy your favorite pizza.


Dominos Pan Pizza Vs. Dominos Cheese Burst

2. Try to eat a salad or some veggies with your pizza

Now, another way to not put on weight is by doing some potion control. If you want to eat less pizza and still be satisfied, we suggest that you have some salad and it so that you feel full quicker.

This way, you are not going to chomp down all 8 slices of pizza at once. This method is really effective as I have been able to eat fewer slices of pizza every time I have a bowl of salad along with it.

This way, I eat my veggies and at the same time get to enjoy some really nice freshly cooked pizza. Trust me; this is by far the most effective method for me as I get to enjoy my pizza and at the same time feel full.


3. Choose your toppings carefully

Another smart choice that you can make is to choose your toppings really carefully. By this, I mean that try to include lean protein in your toppings as they would make you feel full really fast.

So, instead of going for the classic pepperoni and cheese pizza, you might want to go for something that is a bit healthier, like grilled or roasted chicken pizza.

This way, you would be satisfied with a few pizza slices helping you save at least 400 calories. So, the next time you reach out for a pizza, make sure you have the right toppings.


4. Eat from a plate

Now, I know how much we all love eating pizza from a box, but as much as you might like that, it is pretty difficult to keep track of your calories when you do that.

It is proven that when you eat from the take-out box, you eat with the mindset of finishing the food, and you might ignore the point where you are full and might overindulge.

When you layout things on a plate, less food seems more, and you tend to enjoy everything better. Try including some salads on the side as well to eat mindfully and not just finish the pizza box.


5. Make your Pizza At home

This is probably one of the best ways to cut down on calories. Just make your pizza at home. There are so many pizza ovens out there that help you make restaurant-quality pizzas within no time.

The Uuni Pro has recently been one of my favorites as it helps you make pizzas even better than the ones you find at the restaurants.

This pizza oven is clearly the best, and you can quickly make pizzas within a few minutes.

The cost of your pizza bill in a nice restaurant with your family, including the tip, will be almost the same as the Uuni 3 Pizza Oven, so do think before saying that the oven is expensive.

Now, the cost of making a pizza is going to be less at home, and the fact that you are not going to use the store-bought sauce and add a ton of cheese to the pizza will help you make a delicious pizza without those unnecessary calories.

You can customize your pizza as you like, hence if you want to go all out and add a lot of cheese, you can do that, but if you just want a nice healthy, delicious pizza, you can go for the simple thin-crust Margherita.

In any case, making pizzas at home is fun, and if you use ovens like the Uuni Pro, then you get a pizza better than those at the restaurants.


6. Add a lot of Veggie as your toppings

This might seem like a lot for people who are not that fond of veggies but let’s face it; a pizza makes any vegetable tastes so good.

Try adding some mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, olives, and baby corn to your pizza, and you would know what we are talking about.

The more vegetables help you get full sooner, making you crave less for more slices.


7. Replace the Flour

Yes, go totally flourless and opt for the cauliflower base pizza, or you can just replace refined flour with whole wheat. This way, you add more nutritional value to your pizza and cut down way too many calories.

There are a lot of different replacements that you could get; some people like to use coconut flour, almond flour, or just whole wheat flour.

You can even mix these flours to get a pizza base that is perfect to your liking.


8. Remove that excess oil

The Pizza you get in restaurants most of the time has oil on top of it, and even though they taste delicious but did you know that just blotting that oil with a tissue can help you cut down a few calories.

Yes, you heard me right. By just blotting that oil, you can cut down some considerable amount of calories, so the next time you are eating a pizza, make sure you do that.

The flavor of the pizza remains the same anyway, so no harm in saving yourself from gaining a few hundred calories by the simple act of blotting.


9. Cut Down on Cheese?

Now, I know for many of you, eating pizza just means savoring all those different types of melted cheese on top of it but overdoing the cheese will make you gain a few pounds.

I understand. Cheese is just so hard to resist but make sure you are not going too overboard with the cheese. I would not recommend you to use very little cheese, but just don’t make it all about the cheese in the pizza.

Moderate usage of the cheese is fine and gives you all the flavors you need. The deep-dish cheese crust pizza is just a bit much, and I would usually not recommend anyone going that far.

It’s fine to consume it once a while, but if you are a regular like me, make sure you have a moderate amount of cheese on your pizza.


10. Take a pizza by the slice

Now, if you are buying a pizza, make sure that you get it by the slice and not the entire pie. Most people who buy an entire pizza try to finish it, which makes them gain weight.

This was one of the major reasons I put on weight in my college days. I tried to finish a whole pizza and overate, making me gain at least 5 kgs within a very short amount of time.

So, make sure you get pizza by the slice, especially if you are eating alone.


11. Do not combine eating pizza with aerated drinks

It is not going to be a shocker when I say that aerated drinks have a lot of sugar in them. Pizza already has quite a few calories, and if you combine that with sugary drinks, your insulin level just goes up.

Instead, go for just plain chilled water and take a few sips while you are eating so that you can understand your body and realize when you are full.

It is a marketing trend to combine salty foods with sugary drinks so that people eat more. Make sure to not go in that direction and opt for some water instead.

Well, these are all the tips that we have, and if you have any more, make sure to mention them in the comments below!

Are you scared of eating pizza because you would gain weight? Let us know your thoughts!

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