Top 8 Best Electric Pizza Ovens 2022 {Home use}

Most of us order our pizzas from the nearest restaurant. However, once you discover the ease of using the best electric pizza ovens in your house, you can never go back.

Making your pizza at home will give you the freedom to use any ingredients that you want.

But you need an indoor pizza oven to make pizzas at home especially if you want an electric pizza oven.

So you no longer have to go through the hassle of specifying your order on the phone.

But to do that, you need to select the best indoor pizza oven first that cooks the best pizzas with quality at par with the ones in the pizzeria.

The challenge in finding the best pizza oven here is that you are going to encounter a lot of companies claiming that they have the best pizza oven.

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So we have compiled a list of the best ones that you can find on the market, and we have set a specific guideline to determine whether or not the pizza oven can do what it needs to.

The said guideline includes the quality of building materials and the overall performance of the oven.

We will also see what additional properties each oven has that make it better than most.

If you select the best pizza oven for your next cookout, you will never go back to ordering from restaurants.

It is also practical, so you do not have to spend more money on tips and deliveries.

I did not consider it much, but it is also beneficial and coincidental that the ovens on this list will not break the bank.

These are the best in terms of quality yet affordable for most people.

Electric pizza ovens are safer than wood-fired ovens or gas ovens because you can use them inside the house. You can also get rid of flare-ups that can cause fire hazards.

So if you want to know more, then you should read on as we try to give you the general details of why these electric pizza ovens are the best ones on the market right now.

Best Electric Pizza Ovens 2022

1. Breville Crispy Crust Pizza Maker Electric Pizza Oven

Imagine an electric pizza oven that can give you pizzas with quality almost the same as the pizzas cooked in brick ovens. This pizza oven can do that using only electricity.

Breville Pizza Oven is probably one of the best electric pizza ovens because of the ease of use and the affordability factor.

Breville pizza oven is a very simple pizza that can cook up to 11 inches. It looks like a waffle maker at first, with a single handle on the lid that presses down to the cooking surface of the pizza oven.

The interior of the Breville pizza oven is all ceramic on the bottom part, which means that it retains heat for cooking both a crispy crust and evenly cooked toppings.

This pizza oven also has a dual-heating element which means that both the lid and the bottom heat up. It has an adjustable temperature of the low, medium, and high.

Since this pizza oven does not emit too much heat, it can be used as the best countertop pizza oven for your kitchen.

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The maximum temperature of this pizza oven is 660 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that it can cook pizzas in less than 10 minutes while perfecting a crispy crust.

2. CuiZen Pizza Box Electric Pizza Oven

One of the most iconic and fitting designs is this oven with a shape like a pizza box. With a slightly larger space than the first one on this list, this pizza oven can cook 12-inch pizzas.

It has a non-stick pan at the bottom, which means that you do not have to worry about putting too much oil or flour on the pizza to cook perfectly without sticking it into the oven.

Since it is small and it is one of the best countertop pizza oven, you can use it on the small space you have in your kitchen.

The cooking surface is also rotating, which means you can make pizzas with evenly cooked toppings and crust. It has an adjustable thermostat that can go up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

This pizza oven has a timer for up to 30 minutes which is good to cook up to 2 pizzas with its power. It also has a stainless steel handle that is always cool to touch.

This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing indoor pizza ovens that you can find on the market. I really love the design but I also like the eae and functionality of this indoor pizza oven.

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This pizza oven is pretty simple and easy to use without the hassles that come with outdoor pizza ovens making it one of the best pizza ovens and worthy of being mentioned in the list.

3. Presto Pizzazz Plus Rotating Electric Pizza Oven

This pizza oven is also unique in terms of design. It does not use convection heat as it does not have a cover, so the pizza cooks in a completely open area, which can be tough.

Pizza needs enough heat to be cooked perfectly, and cooking it in an open area means that it will not gather heat. But this pizza oven makes that easy as it has heating elements on both sides.

This allows the pizza oven to cook the pizza from the top and the bottom as well. You can adjust the heating elements individually so you can increase the heat on one side.

Watching the pizza oven cook the pizza without any distractions like covers or lids makes this pizza oven the best countertop pizza oven. I like how I see the pizza slowly cooking on it.

The cooking surface allows you to cook pizzas of up to 12 inches in diameter. It also rotates to ensure even cooking and can be detached so you can clean it up easily.

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The timer also signals the user that the crust is crisp and the toppings are ready. After that, it automatically shuts the heating elements off to prevent burning the pizza.

It is one of the best electric pizza ovens on amazon that is affordable and works well for cooking frozen pizzas.

4. Hamilton Beach Pizza Maker

This high-quality pizza oven is perfect for those users who love to cook other recipes on their pizza ovens. This electric pizza oven can perfect quesadillas, biscuits, and other baked goods.

It is very easy to use, and so it is perfect for beginners. It has all the safety measures needed, like a 30-minute timer to set to prevent burning the crust and overcooking the toppings.

The cooking surface of this electric pizza oven also rotates to ensure that the pizza cooks evenly. It is made with the best materials available, so you can also use it safely outdoors.

Using this pizza maker as a commercial pizza oven might be a bit hard since it can be too small. This, however, means that its small stature makes it perfect for the best countertop pizza oven.

This pizza oven can cook 12-inch pizzas easily without hassle. The lid side has holes in them, so the moisture escapes instead of accumulating on top and going back to the pizza.

You can also use those holes to see what is happening inside the pizza oven. You can adjust the temperature inside without opening the oven and use the dial on top of the lid.

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 Another affordable electric pizza oven that you can use at home. 

5. Courant Pizza Maker

Courant is a well-known company that manufactures such appliances. This electric pizza oven can also cook different baked goods such as cookies, bread, and pastries.

That means that if you want to start a small business of pastries, you can use this as a commercial pizza oven.

The pizza maker has a timer that indicates whether the pizza is ready or not. You do not need to constantly open the lid to see if the pizza cooks to keep the heat in.

The non-stick surface allows for cooking pizzas perfectly while also allowing the user to clean them easily. It also has light indicators, so you know when to put the ingredients in the pizza.

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It can bake 12-inch pizzas, and despite this relatively large size, it has an upright standing feature that allows it to be stored in tight spaces to make a nice portable pizza oven.


6. Oster Electric Pizza Oven

This pizza oven is made with stainless steel and is large enough to cook 12-inch pizzas. With the heat that can go up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, you can cook pizzas in just 15 minutes.

It also doesn’t take too much time for this pizza oven to heat up. In just 3 minutes, it can reach its maximum temperature, so it saves energy and time for preparing the pizza you are cooking.

The tray or rack with this pizza oven is dual purpose because it slides into the oven, while the end has a plate that covers the oven. It also has a handle to make it a pizza peel.

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This pizza oven also includes a timer to signal you if the pizza is ready. It is also easy to clean as it comes with a crumb tray that you can wash using soap and water when done.

This is one of the best commercial electric pizza ovens as it can produce pizzas in just a few minutes.

One disadvantage of this pizza oven is that temperature control is a bit hard to use. You need some time to get used to it, but the cooking part will be pretty easy once you do.

7. Betty Crocker Pizza Maker

This fast and efficient pizza oven offers real oven basics that make it perfect for beginners. It has a non-stick surface that makes it great for other recipes as well.

It can cook pizzas up to 12 inches, and with a dual-heating component, the pizza oven can create evenly cooked pizzas in just minutes. It also ensures crispy crusts all the time.

This pizza oven also has a variable thermostat to measure the temperature and a light indicator that helps when cooking. This allows you to cook the pizza perfectly every time.

The cord wrap included in this product also gives you a less messy workstation. The compact design also makes it possible for you to store the oven in cabinets and small spaces.

It is a great pizza oven if you are looking for the best commercial electric pizza oven and you want to start a small business using a commercial pizza oven.

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8. Luby Extra Large Pizza Oven

This pizza oven looks like the conventional oven that you have at home. However, it produces a lot of power that makes it possible to cook pizza and other recipes.

The large interior of this pizza oven allows users to cook pizzas of up to 14 inches in diameter. It is also very durable, so if you have the proper connection, you can use the pizza oven outdoors.

Having a large interior for cooking is one of the factors to consider when looking for the best commercial electric pizza oven as well.

With four heating tubes, this pizza oven heats up very quickly and evenly. This makes it perfect for creating pizzas with evenly cooked toppings and golden brown crispy crusts.

This pizza oven also comes with temperature controls that allow you to change the lower and upper racks separately. So you can cook different recipes at the same time.

This is a multifunctional oven making it one of the best electric pizza ovens, however, it is not an electric pizza oven for commercial use.

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Tips In Selecting The Best Electric Pizza Oven

When you buy an electric oven, you should not expect it to be the last thing you will use to cook pizzas your whole life. But you also need to select the best electric pizza oven so you can use it for other purposes.


The best commercial electric pizza ovens are not as good as wood fired pizza oven, but they are great for starters as, almost always, they can produce perfectly cooked crust and toppings on pizzas.

The first thing you need to consider when buying one is the size of the electric pizza oven. Take note that if it is not permanent, buy one that you can store in tight spaces.

Commercial pizza can sometimes be too small for large businesses. If you are looking for the best countertop pizza oven, then you can get small ones.

If you choose to buy a large electric pizza oven, make sure that it fits your kitchen and use it with other recipes, so you do not have to store it all the time and waste storage space.


When it comes to cooking pizzas, you need to know what kind of heat the best commercial electric pizza oven produces to know how much time it will take to cook the pizzas properly.

For example, you get a pizza oven without a timer; you do not need to constantly open the oven as it will lose heat. So know the power and heat it produces to know the time of cooking.

The one thing you can find in a small commercial pizza oven to make up for the lack of size is the power or how fast it can cook your pizzas.

The Breville pizza oven is a good example of an indoor pizza oven that can reach high temperatures safely and cook pizzas quickly.

Ease of Cleaning

Buying the best electric pizza oven will be hard as there is no such thing as perfect. So you need to buy the one that will bring the best results without making any mess.

There are pizza ovens that include cleaning trays that catch the moisture or grease and the food residuals from the pizza. These are great for a quick clean after using them.

Pizza ovens that use non-stick surfaces are also great, so you no longer need to scrape off food residuals as cleaning them is as easy as wiping them with paper towels.


Electric pizza ovens are best when you are starting with pizza cooking. They offer the same essence of cooking in larger pizza ovens, only with less mess and hassle.

So they are perfect for beginners, but you also need to select the right one. The ones listed above are great and selected with consideration of the tips above.

If you are looking for something that you can use to cook your frozen pizza or freshly made pizza, then you should consider buying an electric pizza oven for convenient help.

These can also be used with other ingredients, so it is a win-win. They are also cheap, so you no longer have to wait for your budget to reach the price as you can get them now without breaking the bank!

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