30+ Things You Can Do With Leftover Pizza Dough

 While cooking a homemade pizza, I’m often left with extra pizza dough. In this post, I will share 30+ things you can do with leftover pizza dough and how to use pizza dough to make different recipes.

This list is the best if you wonder what to do with leftover pizza dough aside from pizza itself or storing it in the freezer.

There is nothing wrong with storing in the fridge or freezer but you can make good snacks right away.

 You can make snacks and even full meals with your leftover pizza dough.

 I wondered about things to do with pizza dough and have tried many of these recipes myself; I can say that they are great and taste amazing.

 I explore different recipes, and the homemade pizza dough is so much better anyway than the store-bought one.

I usually have a lot of leftovers when I make my authentic Neapolitan pizza dough recipe and if you have not tried that pizza dough recipe then you are missing out.

The most flavourful pizza dough comes out when I use Tipo 00 Flour. It makes the pizza crust so soft, light, airy, and crunchy that it just melts in your mouth.

Things You Can Do With Leftover Pizza Dough

Knowing the different recipes you can try with your leftover pizza dough means that you will not be bored with pizza, not that it is possible, but you get to put something new on the table.

The different things that you can do with extra pizza dough are countless, and you will know that once you read all the recipes on how versatile pizza dough can be.

I love experimenting with pizza dough, and I think it is one of the most versatile things for making recipes. It is enjoyable to see what else you can do with homemade pizza dough.

The benefit of having homemade pizza dough is that it is not full of preservatives like the store-bought ones. 

However, I understand if you do not have time and just get the store-bought pizza dough. You can still make these recipes with them and they would taste absolutely amazing.

It has simple ingredients, and so you can make other recipes easily without changing the ingredients that much.

Things You Can Do With Leftover Pizza Dough


1. Cheese And Garlic Breadsticks

This recipe does not take a lot of pizza dough to make so no need to bring out the large dough from the freezer. 

I have used only the trimmings I have removed from the pizza dough when I shape it and they were enough for this recipe.

It is probably one of the best things you can do with leftover pizza dough and I highly recommend this cheesy recipe.

 That is if you are making only for a few people. 

It is a great snack that only involves simple ingredients and a dip that surely accentuates the flavors on the pizza dough.


2. Toasted Braids 

If you wonder what to do with leftover Pizza dough for parties, then this is a great recipe. The benefit you get from that is adding other flavors that might interest you to eat the dough.

This recipe sticks to the simplicity of the dough while creating an aesthetically pleasing snack and a delicious one as well. The leftover pizza dough is stretched and woven to make a braid.

 It is then rolled over sesame seeds and poppy seeds before the braids are baked in a wood-fired oven.

 The result is a crispy, crunchy, snack that the kids will love and another great recipe that you make 


3. Pizza On A Stick

Pizza on the Stick recipe still sticks to the pizza flavor that you got familiar with and it is one of my favorite things to do with leftover pizza dough. 

It uses the same ingredients, but the pizza pieces cook on a skewer instead of a large circular pie. 

Leftover Pizza Dough recipes

The leftover pizza dough is stretched and twisted on a skewer before adding the leftover pizza toppings. It cooks on a skillet in the oven and you have yourself a delicious pizza on a stick.


4. Buffalo chicken Bites

Buffalo Bites made using shredded cheese and a sauce usually used for chicken wings, this recipe introduces a mix of the two New York specials that you simply would not be able to resist.

The dough is rolled into a thin rope before it is cut into bite-sized pieces. From there, it is baked and tossed in buffalo sauce before it is served, so it has some kind of kick to it.

Photo Credit- https://www.keyingredient.com/

It also has protein coming from the cooked chicken breast stuffed into the leftover pizza dough so you can enjoy a dumpling-like food with the flavors of Western influence.


5. Flatbread Toast

Flatbread toast is the easiest recipe that you can do with your leftover dough is by making flatbreads with it. This recipe teaches you how to make flatbreads and what to do with the said flatbreads.

Flatbread is another great recipe and one of my favorite ways to use leftover pizza dough apart from just making more pizzas.

What to do with leftover pizza dough

For those who love snacks with sweet things in them, you can toast the flatbreads and use jam on them. It is delicious and the slightly sweet dough perfectly complements the toppings. 

You can even go with jelly, cheese, sauce, or anything you want on the flatbread.

 6. Breakfast Braids

This recipe allows you to use either store-bought dough or the fresh one you have just made. From there, you can use tomato sauce, cheese, and diced salami as stuffings.

The dough is flattened and stuffed with some common ingredients for pizzas.

Breakfast braids is one of the best things that you can do with pizza dough as it is delicious and something that when made with that extra pizza dough, tastes better.

After it has been brushed with egg wash, it is baked, and the result is a crispy, savory, snack that you can have any time.

 7. Calzones or Pizza Pockets

This recipe is a little closer to pizza but it is not exactly pizza. It is where you use the thin leftover dough to create a pocket filled with boiled eggs, cheese, bacon strips, and more.

It is a great meal that you can have any time you want. I usually make this recipe with canned dough or overworked dough that I was able to salvage.

They are great for breakfast and the flavors of the recipe are unique but, of course, very delicious and satisfying.

 8. Herbed Cheese Sticks

Herbed Cheese sticks are delicious by themselves but using your leftover pizza dough for making them accentuates the flavors. This version has more cheese in it so it is truly a delicious treat.

Adding garlic powder to the mix, the recipe introduces a savory mix between the fillings that you put on the sticks.

The dough adds to the texture which makes the snacks enjoyable.

 9. Garlic Knots By Cake Boss 

For garlic lovers like me, this garlic knots recipe will surely have you cooking at any time of the day. After making knots from your leftover pizza dough, you can glaze them with a mix of herbs.

I love putting a lot of garlic in the mix and sometimes include mint on the glaze. This brings out an aromatic flavor from the garlic knots that I love to make and eat with my family.

If you have canned pizza dough, overworked pizza dough that you saved, or even sourdough pizza dough in the freezer, you can make this recipe in just a few minutes.

10. Pizza Crackers

One thing about pizza dough is you always aim to make it crispy. So with that concept in mind, this recipe brings that crispiness into a mix of popular snacks that you can eat while relaxing.

These pizza crackers are amazing to eat in the evening along with some tea, if you drink any. I and my family loves them and you should definitely give this recipe a try.

The toasted dough brings a crispy texture to the delicious mix. The recipe also includes a dip that adds saltiness to the flavor which is a really good mix with the crackers, even with sourdough pizza dough.

 11. Scallion Pancakes

Scallion Pancakes is a really simple yet healthy recipe that you can make for breakfast. It is easy and quick, and since you are using leftover pizza, you do not have to follow the recipe from scratch.

This is one of the super easy-to-use leftover pizza dough that is lying around in your refrigerator.

The combination of herbs and fresh scallions in the mix brings out a dense flavor that will fuel you for the day. This easy recipe can be edited as well so you can mix your favorite ingredients.

 12. Aged Pizza Bread

Aged pizza bread is a slightly sour bread that can be made for future use. Simply oil the dough, put it in a container with a tight lid, and then store it in the fridge for a week to let it rise and age.

From there, you can then take the dough out and bake it like how you usually do. This results in a delicious yet slightly sour bread that you can eat with different side dishes.

This is one of the best things to do with old pizza dough and I usually use this recipe when my dough is pretty old and cold in the fridge.

 13. Pizza Dough Cinnamon Rolls

Pizza Dough Cinnamon Rolls are pizza doughs made with sugar and if you make your pizza dough that way, you can use it for cinnamon rolls. It is quite a tricky recipe but it certainly will give you a delicious snack.

You can use canned pizza dough or if you can still salvage the overworked pizza dough in your fridge, then you can use the overworked dough, although it might bring a lot of work.

The cinnamon rolls made with pizza dough is crispy while the interior is flaky and fluffy. The glaze, cinnamon powder, and melted butter on top is a delicious treat.

 14. The Best Pizza Fritta In Naples

This is a fried pizza recipe that you can make as simple or as complex as you want. For this recipe, you make a batch of bite-sized pizzas with the toppings pocketed in the crust.

The small portion of dough is stretched thinly to make it crispy when fried. Once it is done, the flavors burst in every bite as you get all the stuffings from each pizza.

 15. Pizza Dough and Apple Galette

Making apple pies is a very Western dish that you can do at home. It is sweet but savory and it brings a new texture to the pie that you would not usually have with regular apple pies.

Using either leftover store-bought dough, canned dough, or homemade dough, you can follow this simple recipe and make some sweet things like snacks or dessert for your family that bring a flavorful treat to the table.

 16. Pizza Express-style Dough Balls

Now, this recipe does not need a lot of ingredients. It is really easy to make so you get to save whatever is left of your pizza dough whether it is sourdough, canned dough, or overworked dough. and make a delicious and light snack for the family.

The recipe teaches you how to knead the dough more to get more air in the dough.

 That way, you will have a light and airy bread texture with the result later on.

 17. Mediterranean Turkey Potpies

Mediterranean Turkey Potpies recipe is a great way to make use of your leftover dough.

It still gives you that familiar taste of a pizza, but you have more of the toppings, a great mix of flavors.

The recipe includes turkey breast which you would not naturally add to your pizza.

The key is to make the stuffings soft so you can just scoop out the pie with a spoon to taste all the flavors inside.

18. Baked Sweet Dough Balls 

Castagnola, a popular Italian snack, is a sweet thing that you can make with your leftover dough.

This version brings the slightly sweet flavor that you would usually get from bread making it a good dessert.

It also includes eggs to make the texture a little creamier, while the lemon juice added to the recipe brings out the tanginess and freshness of the flavors, which gives the dough balls a light feeling.

If you want to bring out something new to the flavor, I recommend using sourdough to give it a slightly more adventurous taste.

 19. Stromboli Sandwiches

Imagine a loaf of bread filled with pizza toppings. Stromboli Samwich is essentially the leftover pizza dough is used with the help of your common pizza topping ingredients.

You get more of the crust, but this recipe introduces a more entertaining version.

 The crust is crispy and golden brown all around so it is a perfect neutralizer for the stronger flavors in the stuffing.

This tastes amazing and is one of the best things to do with the extra pizza dough.

 20. Chinese Baozi With Pizza Dough

Ah yes, one of my sweet things, this recipe teaches you how to make proper dumplings using your pizza dough leftovers. This Chinese food is a great meal for your rest days.

Baozi usually uses sweet red bean paste, but this recipe uses slightly more familiar ingredients, or more appropriately, American ingredients using pork, turkey, mushrooms, and vegetables.

 21. Pull-apart Pizza

Pull-Apart Pizza Dough recipe uses breadstick dough, but you can use regular pizza dough available if you have regular pizza dough.

 It is a mix of cheese and meat like turkey pepperoni so it is savory. It is one of my favorite appetizers to make with leftover pizza dough or even sourdough.

Add to that, a mixture of herbs and spices to accentuate the flavors of the food. It is a perfect recipe that you can bring to parties or tailgating trips as both kids and adults will surely enjoy it.

 22. Pizza Dough And Bacon Quiche

A quiche is an egg-based recipe that is usually added to pies and tarts.

Pizza dough is one of the best bases for this recipe and the guide shows how you can do that properly.

Mixing bacon, cheese, apple, and heavy cream, this recipe surely brings a different combination of flavors that everybody will love. The sweet thing you taste in the flavor along with the savory taste is a great treat.

 23. Pizza On A Stick

Pizza on a Stick recipe is slightly different from the first one I added to the list with a similar name. This time, the recipe teaches you how to make popsicles using leftover pizza dough and toppings.

Of course, this recipe is not frozen but you get the idea of rolling elliptical dough and then putting it on a popsicle stick. From there, you can bake it and have a hand-held pizza without the mess.

 24. Pizza Treats (3-in-1)

This is a combination of three different recipes that you can use. You get to make snacks or treats for the family using just one pizza dough to not get bored with the same treats.

It includes just seasoning or garnishing the pizza dough balls with sesame seeds while there is also another recipe that includes stuffing the pizza dough with a delicious mix of sausage and cheese.

 25. Sausage, Pepper, And Mozzarella Calzones

This Calzone recipe is a delicious snack can be turned into a full meal depending on the ingredients available. Using pizza dough adds the crispy texture that you want on your calzones.

The recipe uses ingredients that might have been left in the freezer including the dough.

Filled with cheese, sausage, and seasonings, these calzones surely make a mix of savory flavors. It is perfect when paired with pizza sauce as well as vegetables on the side.

26. Scrambled Egg Pockets

One day, I was wondering what to do with the leftover pizza dough and how I can use it to make breakfast and this recipe hit the right spot.

Scrambled egg pockets is packed with protein and fibers to give you a healthy snack. It is a crispy treat that gives a slightly different flavor that you and the kids will surely enjoy.

The egg stuffing is perfect for making a delicious snack from your leftover pizza dough. You also get some cheese into the mix to have a familiar flavor like an egg or cheese sandwich.

 27. Pizza Dough Pretzel Bites

Pizza dough pretzel bites is one of the best things to do with extra pizza dough as you can turn junk food into a healthier version of a snack or a dessert at home.

 You simply need to coil the dough into knots and then boil them before egg washing and baking.

From there, you can make your homemade dip that goes well with the golden brown treats. The dip in the recipe mixes dijon mustard, honey, and sour cream or you can go with choco dips for a light dessert.

 28. Meatball Pizza Ring

Meatball Pizza Ring is a combination of the delicious flavors of freshly-baked bread and meatballs. While it sounds a little dry, this recipe teaches you how to make the food a little more entertaining.

The delicious mix of meatballs surrounding a nice pool of sauce is mouth-watering. The added ricotta cheese highlights the saltiness of the recipe but it is perfect and savory.

 29. Pizza Muffins

Instead of limiting your muffin tins at home to egg cups, why not make another recipe with your pizza dough? This is a unique recipe but you can make your ingredients.

You just simply need to cut the pizza dough into smaller squares. Add your favorite toppings like meat, vegetables, and even fruits depending on the flavor that your palates want.

 30. Pizza Doughnuts

The main challenge you face with this recipe is how to make the relatively crispy pizza dough fluffy. This recipe teaches you that but it did take me a few tries before getting the right texture.

The results are an amazing combination of savory flavors from the pizza dough ingredients and sweetness from the glaze and other garnishes on top of the doughnuts.

 31. BBQ Chicken Roll-ups

This is a unique recipe but something that you can sometimes find on pizzas. BBQ chicken roll-ups is one of the best toppings on a pizza that I feel needs more recognition.

This recipe is perfect as you get to make the crust crispy all around and stuff it with delicious and chewy BBQ chicken fillings.

 It is another one of the things that you can do with old pizza dough, a savory snack with added cheese and garlic powder is something you should try.

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