Chicken Alfredo Pizza Recipe

One of the easiest and most delicious recipes has to be of the Chicken Alfredo Pizza Recipe. This is super easy to make especially if you have some leftover chicken breast and want to put it to good use.

All you need here is Alfredo Sauce, Cheese, chicken and the ingredients needed to make the pizza dough. If you have these, you can make the yummiest Chicken Alfredo Pizza out there.

In this post we would discuss how you can make this pizza within a few minutes and if you have an oven like Ooni, then you might be cooking this pizza in under a minute.

The Chicken Alfredo Pizza has to be one of the popular pizzas out there as not only is it easy to make but it is so creamy and delicious that you would love this homemade version of it.

You could even customize it and add more ingredients to give it the flavors that you like the best. So without any further ado, lets dive into making this amazing Chicken Alfredo Pizza-


Getting the Chicken Ready

This is the easiest part of the recipe. You need some chicken breast, oil, and salt.

Step 1- Cut the chicken breasts into thin slices so that they can cook faster and it is easier to use them as toppings on the pizza.

Step 2- Marinate the chicken in salt and pepper so that they get some flavor on them and when cooked they are nice and delicious.

Pro Tip- If you want to can add some yogurt and Chicken Tikka masala or yogurt, chili powder, and Garam masala combination so that the chicken comes out more juicy and tender and flavorsome especially when you eat it along with cheese and Alfredo sauce.

Step 3- Now put some oil in a pan and cook the chicken pieces till they turn white and are cooked thoroughly. If you have done the pro tip then you would see that the chicken pieces would get some color because of all the spices that are added.

Either way, the Alfredo Pizza is going to taste REALLY GOOD.


Making the Pizza Crust

– 2 Cups of Refined Flour

– 1tbsp Active Yeast

– Warm Water

– Salt

-Olive oil



Step 1- Take all the dry ingredients and mix them in a bowl.

Step 2- Now add the oil and water and start kneading the dough. Once you have started kneading the dough you need to make a nice ball.

Step 3- Leave the dough to rest for a few minutes till it doubles in quantity and then you can start rolling out the dough on a pizza stone and cook it inside the oven.



You can use Yogurt and baking powder instead of yeast if you don’t have any. You can even order pizza dough from amazon and that would be good as well.


Making the Pizza

1. Roll out the Pizza Dough and spread some cheese on it. Now put some Alfredo sauce generously on the pizza base and spread it evenly.

2. Place all the chicken pieces on the pizza base and then again out some mozzarella cheese on top.

3. Cook the pizza inside the oven for about 10 minutes if it is a home oven or a minute if it is an outdoor pizza oven.

4. Now you Alfredo Chicken pizza is ready and enjoys it with hot sauce.



Tips while making the pizza


1. Soggy Crust

If your crust turns out to be soggy then make sure that you have made the dough perfect. If you have not used enough yeast or used too much water, this could happen.

Also, if you use a lot of veggies as toppings which might not be the case in this pizza then the crust can get soggy too. Mostly if you follow the recipe properly the chances of ending up with a soggy crust are slim.


2. Marinate the Chicken Pieces well

There are some who underestimate the importance of marinating the chicken breast pieces before you cook them. Honestly, the longer you let the marinated chicken stay, the better the flavors are going to get inside the chicken.

You should let it sit aside for about 1-2hours for the best results and trust me you can tell the difference in the flavor when left longer. So try and be patient and if possible plan ahead and marinate the chicken beforehand.


3. Can be frozen

You can only cook chicken that you need at the moment and the rest can be kept inside the refrigerator for use later when you plan to make the pizza again.

You can even keep the dough ready as the chicken and the dough are the only two things that you need to prepare for this recipe and if you marinate the chicken and keep it in the fridge, all you need to do is cook it when you plan on making a fresh pizza.

The dough can be kept inside the fridge for as long as two days so you can enjoy this recipe till then.


4. Best Homemade

I would advise that you get ingredients from a store or buy them online, especially the ones that will take more time such as the dough and the Alfredo sauce.

I usually get the Alfredo sauce online and make the pizza dough at home since it is really easy to make them. You can check out our pizza dough recipes on this blog where we discuss how to make pizza dough using 2 ingredients, three ingredients, and the one with yeast.

It is best if you can make all of those at home. You can get fresh ingredients and make the most out of it.

Starting fresh is always a great idea. You can take advantage of the available ingredients around you and then make a pizza from those ingredients for the best result.


5. You can use a cheese mix according to your preference

There are times when I recommend Mozarella cheese but you might be happier using a mix of Provolone and Mozarella. So, you can use any kind of cheese that you are okay with as long as the pizza tastes amazing.

I mean a pizza is always going to taste amazing but if you think a certain cheese mix works best for you then you can replace that with the ones mentioned in the recipe.

It all depends on your liking. Sometimes, I like to use a little bit of cheddar in my cheese mix in order to give my pizza that much needed flavor. I love mixing cheeses and you should try doing that as well and see the difference it can make to your recipe.



The Chicken Alfredo pizza Recipe is one of the best and something that you should definitely try making at home.

If you have leftover chicken breasts then it gets all the easier as you just need to make the dough or buy it and then put all the toppings and chuck it in the oven.

Make sure that you have all the ingredients before you head over and make this pizza and the few crucial and important ingredients have to be the cheese, alfredo sauce, and the chicken.

I also like adding some onion and garlic powder on top before tossing the pizza inside the oven so it has the nice garlic and creamy onion flavor.

Try out the recipe and let us know how you liked it!

If you have any questions then leave them in the comments below and I would be happy to help!

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