Can You Freeze Pepperoni Slices?- Freeze and Defrost Guide

Pepperoni slices are the most used pizza toppings, thanks to the popularity of pepperoni pizzas. So, can you freeze pepperoni slices?- The short answer is yes.

If make pepperoni pizza at home then this guide on how to freeze pepperoni slices is going to be helpful as we also discuss the best practices to store frozen pepperoni slices.

Although the pizza toppings are not the most important part of the pizza, you need to ensure that all the ingredients you use are of the best quality to get the best blend of flavors.

Pepperoni is almost synonymous with pizza toppings as it is very common.

 It adds just a hint of spice to your cheesy and delicious pizza to get you craving for more slices to eat.

That means that you need to make sure that the pepperoni slices you use are good and safe to eat. It is easy to store this kind of food especially if you have not cooked them yet.

Storing and freezing pepperoni slices, in general, can be tricky as you have to get it right. You need to be particular about how long you store pepperoni slices in the fridge because you cannot store them for too long.

Can you FREEZE Pepperoni Slices?

Keeping pepperoni slices frozen is perhaps the best way to ensure they stay fresh

This keeps bacteria from developing in the meat so it does not go bad too soon or become useless.

So with this post, I will explain to you the importance of keeping pepperoni slices frozen and other ingredients to ensure they stay fresh and safe for future use.

Can You Freeze Pepperoni Slices?

Yes, just like any other meat, you can freeze pepperoni slices if you want them to last longer and you have to do it the right way.

Before you go ahead and freeze your pepperoni slices, do read the entire post on how you need to store them and how to defrost these slices when you want to use them on your pepperoni pizzas.

Does Pepperoni Go Bad If Not Frozen?

So, should you freeze pepperoni slices?

Yes indeed, pepperoni goes bad if you do not freeze it. There is a larger possibility that your pepperoni will turn bad if you do not freeze or store it properly when not in use.

There is no question of if you can freeze pepperoni slices because you can, and you absolutely should freeze leftover pepperoni slices.

However, some types of pepperoni slices are cured differently to last longer. Dry-cured pepperoni can last longer at room temperature than regular pepperoni slices.

Some types of pepperoni also have higher salt content than others, making them good for storing in a cool dry place when you plan to use them in the future or not anytime soon.

Whether you use Old World Pepperoni or regular pepperoni, it is better if you freeze them to improve their longevity.

When you store the pepperoni at room temperature, there is a chance that the slices will age better and will also develop unique flavor profiles that you cannot get with frozen pepperoni.

So while pepperoni does go bad when not frozen, you can ask the manufacturers to tell you whether you can store them at room temperature as there are chances it is a better way to store them.

I always put away any leftover pepperoni slices back in the freezer because they can go bad, and I feel so sorry to throw away some perfectly good pepperoni slices just because I did not store them the right way.

Signs That Pepperoni Has Gone Bad

Even if you buy the best pepperoni slices there is a time after which it goes bad, and you have to stay vigilant before you consume pepperoni that is contaminated.

You can check for clear signs that the pepperoni slices are off or have gone bad. Here are some signs that the pepperoni is no longer fit for cooking and you need fresh ones.

However, if you have already consumed bad pepperoni and have any symptoms, then check out this website for more information.

Their Appearance

If the pepperoni slices are not stored properly, there should not be drastic changes in appearance.

 Some clear signs are discoloration and mold development on the surface of the pepperoni.

Slime can also be a sign of pepperoni going bad. 

The discoloration on the surface of the pepperoni means that bacteria have acted upon the meat and it is already starting to go bad.

I recommend that you throw the pepperoni slices in the trash and not use them anymore. It is safer and much better to go with fresh ones than trying to salvage the pepperoni slices.

This is one of the reasons I never let pepperoni sit out for too long and put the leftover slices of pepperoni in the freezer as soon as I can.

Unpleasant Smell

Pepperoni slices might not have the best smell on any pizza topping but the odor quickly tells whether the pepperoni is still safe to eat or not.

It has probably gone bad if you smell the pepperoni slices and give off a rancid odor. The fats can oxidize quickly when left in the open air so dispose of the smelly pepperoni and get fresh.

This never happens with pepperoni that is frozen the right way.

The Texture And Taste

Pepperoni slices should stay firm and generally dry. 

So if the pepperoni slices you have are slimy or sticky, then it is more than likely that they have gone bad beyond safety measures.

If, for example, you do not see, smell, or feel any of the signs I mentioned above, then give the pepperoni slices a taste. If it is okay, you can use it; otherwise, throw them away immediately.

Basically, whenever the pepperoni is not like how it is when you get it from the store, you need to take a hint and understand it might have gone bad.

Can You Freeze Pepperoni Slices? Make Sure Your Pepperoni Is Safe To Freeze

Yes, as said earlier, you can freeze pepperoni slices, and you absolutely should freeze them as they help last longer.

There are some simple ways to ensure that you are properly freezing the pepperoni slices.

Make sure that you read the labels on the package and see how you should freeze or store them.

Some pepperoni slices are better when stored in the refrigerator or chiller than in the freezer.

So make sure you read or remember where you got the pepperoni.

If the pepperoni slices come from the chilled section of the supermarket, then they are more likely to be stored in the refrigerator.

One of the best ways to store pepperoni in the supermarket’s regular section is in the freezer.

So ensure you follow the manufacturer’s directions on how and where to store the pepperoni slices.

This is something I follow, so make sure you check it if you want your pepperoni slices to last longer.

Best ways to Freeze Pepperoni Slices

How To Store Pepperoni In Freezer

One of the best ways to freeze pepperoni slices is by storing them in the freezer, the main thing you should remember is that pepperoni is a type of meat that can be oxidized easily when exposed to open air.

So when you store pepperoni in the freezer, make sure that you seal them in a bag before you shove them into the freezer.

One of the best ways to store pepperoni is by placing the pepperoni slices in a zip lock bag or a sealed container before putting them in the freezer.

You can freeze pepperoni slices by placing them in an air-tight container, too; it depends on how you want to do it. I sometimes use a container when I have a lot of pepperoni slices to store, and it works fine with me.

You can also wrap them in foil or a baking sheet before placing them in the bag to ensure they are sealed. Wrap them tightly and then place them in an airtight container.

I prefer storing the pepperoni slices in zip lock bags since you can also push the air out of the bag to ensure that the meat is not oxidized by the air already inside the bag.

Getting The Pepperoni Ready For Freezing

The best way to prepare the pepperoni for freezing is to slice them thinly. If you do not already have pepperoni slices, then slicing pepperoni before you freeze them is a better idea.

Also, do not leave the pepperoni outside the freezer or package if you will not use or store them right away.

Cut the pepperoni into thin slices and then wrap the slices in aluminum foil.

This takes less space in the freezer and will be easier for you to access each slice without them sticking to each other.

A baking sheet is also a great tool to keep the pepperoni slices from sticking.

Again, use a sealed bag or container to store the pepperoni slices so that the fats in the meat do not get oxidized.

How Long Does Pepperoni Last In The Freezer?

Frozen pepperoni slices last for a long time when stored properly.

If you are wondering exactly how long you can freeze sliced pepperoni in the refrigerator, the pepperoni slices can last for up to 2 weeks.

You can freeze pepperoni for longer, but in my house, that is how long it lasts, and we are all happy about it. You can freeze pepperoni for as long as possible but stay vigilant after the two weeks mark.

If you want them to stay fresh for longer, it is best to freeze them.

This will allow the pepperoni slices to stay safe to eat for at least 8 months in the freezer.

How To Defrost Pepperoni

You can freeze pepperoni, but the real challenge is to wait for them to defrost. This needs patience, and it is difficult to do it if you immediately want pepperoni slices on your pizza.

The best advice I can give you is to defrost only the pepperoni slices you think you will consume.

 Do not defrost the whole batch of pepperoni slices if you are not sure you will use them all.

Separate the slices you need from the package and then place them in the refrigerator depending on how long you will freeze the pepperoni slices and when you plan to take them out.

The fridge temperature is higher than the freezer but better than defrosting at room temperature.

At room temperature, the pepperoni slices will be subjected to contamination.

Bacteria can still live at lower temperatures, but it is better to defrost them in the fridge.

Just a few minutes before cooking, bring them out of the fridge and let them warm up to room temperature.

Never defrost the pepperoni slices at room temperature straight out of the freezer.

Can You Refreeze Pepperoni?

If you defrost Pepperoni in the fridge, you can put it back in the freezer to refreeze it. However, I would advise not to do this often as the pepperoni can go dry easily.

Also, it gets a bad flavor, which is not appetizing.

Thaw the amount of pepperoni you would use and leave the rest in the freezer to avoid such situations.

Best Container To Freeze Pepperoni

Freezing pepperoni is a really good way to preserve it. When choosing the best freezer pepperoni container, you must consider some of these factors.

  • The space in your freezer – make sure that you have enough.
  • The container should be airtight.
  • As much as possible, select a container that can be vacuum-sealed.
  • Use parchment paper or cookie sheets to separate the pepperoni slices.

A zip lock bag is the most common container in which you can freeze pepperoni. It is easy to use, and you can pump out as much air as possible before putting it in the freezer.

Food storage containers are also great containers for freezing pepperoni. As long as the cover is airtight and no risk of cross-contamination occurs, then it is good.

There can be times when the pepperoni slices are hard to separate once frozen. To avoid this, you can wrap each pepperoni slice in parchment paper before putting them in the bag or container.

Remember to keep the container or bag tightly closed so no air or moisture can enter it while the pepperoni is in the freezer.

Using The Frozen Pepperoni On Pizza

Now we have answered the ‘can you freeze pepperoni slices’, the next thing is how to use frozen pepperoni on pizza.

First off, take the frozen pepperoni slices that you need out of the freezer. While still packed in a different bag, place them in the refrigerator and defrost overnight.

Once ready for cooking, bring out the frozen pepperoni slices and allow them to come to room temperature. Do not let them stay at room temperature for more than 2 hours.

You can bring them out of the fridge if you prepare the pizza or shape the dough to allow the pepperoni to come to room temperature. 

You can freeze pepperoni slices for as long as two weeks; after that, you should be careful of it going bad.

I hope this post answered all your questions about freezing pepperoni slices. If you have anything else to add, leave them in the comments below!

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