How To Cook Frozen Pizza On A Blackstone Griddle

Pizza is a very fun delicacy and you can make it healthy if you want.

Knowing how to cook frozen pizza on a Blackstone griddle is helpful for people who do not have much time.

The oven is not the only appliance that can make perfect pizzas.

You can actually grill a pizza or cook them in the most amazing Blackstone griddle like this post will teach you how to.

Pizza made at home contains the best flavor since you can put anything you want in it.

The versatility it gives will make the pizza greater than the ones you order from the restaurants.

Frozen pizza, on the other hand, is often looked down upon.

However, if you cook it properly, it can give the same texture, flavor, and taste like freshly made pizzas.

The Blackstone griddle is an example of cookware that can help you perfect cooking frozen pizzas.

It produces enough heat to cook the toppings and make the crust crispy.

One thing you can be sure about the Blackstone griddles is that they can evenly heat the cooking surface.

They also do not limit you from cooking inside or outside your house.

Some griddles usually depend on the heat from their stovetops but the griddles from Blackstone have their own power source in the form of propane gas so they produce their own heat.

The cooking space of the Blackstone griddles is relatively large but the entirety of the griddle is not that large so you can place it in the backyard or inside your house.

So with this post, you will learn how to properly cook a frozen pizza on the Blackstone griddle.

We will guide you through the process so you can perfect it the next time you cook it.

Can You Cook Frozen Pizza On A Griddle?

Yes, of course, you can. Pizza is a pretty easy recipe to do and you can cook it in almost any cooking appliance, so it is no exception that you can cook it on a griddle as well.

Frozen pizza is not different too. You can cook it on a griddle and with the right process and techniques, you can make it look and taste like a freshly made pizza.

There is an advantage in cooking pizza on a griddle.

You no longer need to preheat another cookware for the pizza to be placed on as you can put the pizza straight on the griddle.

This way, you make less mess and you can prevent putting dents on the griddle from heavy cookware.

You can also move the pizza around the cooking surface more easily.

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How To Cook Pizza On A Blackstone Griddle- Beginner's Guide


Cooking Frozen Pizza On A Blackstone Griddle

As we have mentioned before, there are certain steps that you need to take in order to make a frozen pizza just as good as the freshly made ones on your Blackstone griddle.

You can follow these basics and then tweak them if you want, depending on your preferences and switch some of them to make the pizza better and more suitable to your taste

Thaw The Pizza

When cooking frozen pizza on a griddle, make sure to get the pizza out of the fridge ahead of time.

Let it sit at room temperature and then wait for it to completely thaw.

Letting the pizza thaw completely is important because it will give the pizza crust a crispier texture.

It will also limit the amount of steam that it will produce when cooked.

Frozen pizza should also be thawed because it will make the cooking process more even.

When a frozen pizza is cooked right away without thawing, the center will most likely be raw.

Preheat The Griddle

While the pizza is thawing down, start by preheating the Blackstone griddle so you can cook the pizza once it has thawed completely.

Put the temperature to 400 or 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

Griddles are heated by a line of burners underneath so it does not matter where you will put the pizza on.

The cooking surface of the griddle will be evenly heated.

Check if the griddle is preheated to the desired temperature and then maintain its heat.

You can then proceed to the next steps in preparing the pizza.

After a few minutes, get the pizza out of its box but let the plastic wrapper stay.

This will allow the frozen pizza to thaw while also preventing debris from getting into the pizza.


Right before the pizza thawed completely, add toppings that you want.

This is completely optional but we figured that you are going to like the pizza more if you customize it.

It will also give you the opportunity to put the flavors that you are familiar with.

Adding fresh ingredients to the frozen pizza will also make the taste better as it adds more flavors to it.

From there, you can then wait for the frozen pizza to completely thaw down.

You can measure the temperature with a thermometer to know if it has reached room temperature.


Cook the Frozen Pizza

Once it has reached the desired temperature, place the pizza in the middle of the griddle.

This spot will not be any different than the other in terms of temperature but it has its benefits.

When you place the pizza in the middle of the griddle, you have more space on the sides to control the pizza when you need to turn the pizza around to prevent burns.

If you have added more toppings to the pizza, you will need to cook the pizza for longer.

On average, the pizza will finish cooking in under 4 to 6 minutes at that temperature.

Every 1 minute or 2 minutes, check the crust of the pizza.

If it has unevenly browned sides, turn the pizza around but if it does not, let it cook further until it is crispy.

Griddles do not have a lid so you will need some sort of cover.

When you put the pizza on the griddle, make sure that you cover it so that the toppings will cook evenly.

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Wait until the crust has turned brown and the cheese has melted.

After it has reached the right finish, get it out of the griddle and then let it rest for about 5 minutes before cutting.

Serve and Enjoy!

Tips On Cooking The Best Frozen Pizza On A Griddle

While you can cook frozen pizza on a griddle pretty easily, you can also make it even easier by following these tips so you can make the job lighter.

Use A Grill Spatula

Using a pizza peel will be great in cooking frozen pizza on a griddle.

However, the job will be easier if you use a grill spatula in maneuvering the pizza on the griddle.

It will slide easily in between the crust and the griddle surface so you can flip or turn the pizza easily.

You just need a grill spatula that is large enough for the pizza that you are cooking.

Invest In A Pizza Dome

Pizza dome is the perfect pair for the griddle when cooking pizza.

It is the needed cover to make the toppings cook evenly from the top before the crust burns.

A pizza dome creates or mimics the environment that an oven produces.

This is very helpful since Blackstone griddles do not have a lid to do this, so we suggest investing in one.


Frozen pizza is really just pizza when cooked properly.

All the nutrients and flavors are still there so you just need the right skill, tools, and appliances to cook them perfectly.

Blackstone griddle is one of the best choices on the market.

You can cook pizza on it and with the help of a few tools, the frozen pizza will turn into the best pizza you had.

So if you do not have the time for preparing fresh ingredients and kneading dough, you can then get your favorite frozen pizza from the supermarket and use the guide above.

With a few practices, you will be able to perfect this amazing way to cook a frozen pizza.

Make sure to use the best tools and the Blackstone griddle to make the finish great.

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    1. Maybe you are cooking it for too long on the griddle, why don’t you use a pizza stone or a dome-shaped container that can form a hot environment to cook your pizza in.

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