How To Cook Pizza On A Blackstone Griddle- Beginner’s Guide

Blackstone Griddles are a very versatile and you can even cook pizza on a blackstone griddle.

You can make the perfect breakfast on them or you can learn how to cook pizza on a Blackstone Griddle to take advantage of the full potential of your blackstone griddle.

This post is on how you can cook wonderful pizzas on your blackstone griddle and the different ways in which you can do it.

The blackstone griddle has enough space for cooking large portions of food and enough heat to either sear or slow cook a recipe when needed.

Cooking pizza in your own home is also great since you get to control everything.

The temperature, food ingredients, cooking style, and many more unlike ordering from restaurants.

There are also a variety of griddles that you can buy.

But, Blackstone griddles are the best since they are powered by their own heat source, therefore, you can use them anywhere you want.

With the Blackstone griddle, you will need a propane gas tank to power it so it does not rely on the heat from your stove.

This means that you can either use it inside the house or in your backyard.

You can bring with you the propane gas tank which is connected to the griddle, usually at 20 pounds.

Because it has its own heat source, the cooking surface of this griddle is heated evenly.

So you do not need to find the hot spot on the griddle as you can cook anything on any side.

Cooking pizza on Blackstone griddle is pretty easy and because it is possible to do this, you do not need to buy other cookware for cooking different types of food.

So if you want to learn how to do this, stick around as we talk about the different advantages of cooking pizza on a Blackstone griddle and how you can get the perfect pizza crust.

What Is The Difference Between A Blackstone Griddle And A Flat-top Grill?

This is one of the most common misconceptions that we have in the grilling world.

Griddles are often confused with flat-top grills and vice versa so let us clear that out first.

First and foremost, the materials used in griddles and flat-tops are quite different.

Flat-top grills are often made with lighter steel which means that they heat up quicker.

This is also what makes them great in searing meat or any food.

Griddles are made with heavier metal such as cast-iron or heavy-duty steel which retains more heat and cooks for longer.

The burners of these two are also different.

Flat-tops have round burners underneath that heats up the cooking surface which is also sometimes uneven considering it does not encompass the entire space.

Griddles are more efficient when it comes to heating up the cooking surface.

They have rectangular heaters that run across the cooking surface to heat it up more evenly.

The cooking surface is also different as you can put food directly on the griddle while flat tops tend to have sticky surfaces so you will need some type of cookware for the food.

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So now that we are clear about the differences between the commercial flat-top grills and the griddles, let us get into the cooking capability of the Blackstone griddle.

Can You Bake On A Griddle?


You can cook anything that you want on the Blackstone griddle and baking is not an exception as you can make the best muffins, biscuits, and many more.

This was one of our reasons for cooking pizza on blackstone griddle because if you can bake something in it, you can defintiely whip up some pizza recipes on the blackstone griddle.

The griddle can produce intense heat which is needed when baking.

But it is not harsh meaning it does not give direct flames on the food so it does not burn the outer parts.

So baking in the Blackstone is perfectly safe as long as you have a cover to create a chamber that will cook the dough from the bottom as well as the other sides of the food.

Cooking Pizza On A Blackstone Griddle

So since we have cleared that you can cook baked goods on the Blackstone griddle, here is our process and guidelines on cooking pizzas on this amazing cookware.

Prepare the Pizza fresh

If you have the time and ingredients, always prepare the pizza with the freshest of ingredients.

This will give you quicker cooking time and healthier options for the toppings.

So get your griddle heated up and prepare the pizza by stretching the pizza dough and topping it, while waiting for the griddle to reach the desired temperature.

Stretch your dough to the right size and then lay the ingredients.

You have no limits when it comes to making your own pizza at home.

You can make your own Blackstone griddle pizza recipe and if you like you can share it with us in the comments.

So put as many or as few ingredients as you want on the pizza but make sure to slice them thinly.

Thinly-sliced vegetables and meat will cook faster.

This will also even out the cooking temperatures of the ingredients so they can cook at the same time leaving nothing raw or overcooked.

Get The Blackstone Griddle Heated Up

Since the Blackstone griddle uses propane gas as fuel, it will heat up pretty fast.

So turn it on as you prepare the pizza and let the griddle climb to a temperature of 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is not the optimal temperature for cooking pizzas with crispy crusts but it does have features that will create the perfect pizza even if it has lower temperatures.

Once the griddle reaches the desired temperature, you no longer need to preheat other cookware as you can place the pizza directly on the cooking surface of the griddle.

If you are using meat on the pizza toppings, make sure to grind them or slice them and then cook them first on the griddle until they change color to cook them ahead of time.

This will even out the cooking temperatures so the thicker meat will cook at the same time as the vegetables on the toppings which are perfect for the pizza.

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Cook The Pizza

Once everything is set, lightly flour a pizza peel and then slide the pizza on it.

Carefully transfer the pizza on Blackstone griddle by using a ladle to help it slide off.

We find it best to put the pizza in the center of the griddle so the sides of the crust will not be the only parts that are crispy.

Get a cover of some sort and then cover the pizza with it. If you do not have anything then check out this pizza dome.

If you have a metal cover, that would be very helpful.

If not, you can use a foil pan that is big enough to cover the entire pizza without actually touching the toppings or the crust.

If you just put foil over the pizza to cover it, it will just create steam and will transfer it to the pizza right away.

This will make the pizza crust soggy and pale so avoid that.

Some people suggest spraying water on the side of the crust so that the steam will cook the cheese and the other toppings but this will not be helpful for the crust so we do not recommend it.

Just try to keep the cover on the pizza for as long as possible.

Avoid constantly lifting up the cover so it has the time to create heat within it to cook the toppings properly.

After 2 minutes, lift the cover-up and then check the crust.

If one side is a bit cooked while the others are not, turn the pizza using a ladle to cook the uncooked sides.

Do this for the remaining time.

After 5 to 8 minutes of cooking, check the pizza once again, and if the crust has been cooked, remove the pizza from the griddle.

Let The Pizza Rest

Place the pizza on the table and let it steam off the remaining moisture.

Let the pizza rest for at least 5 minutes before cutting it and then serve.

Using a grill spatula is a very helpful technique.

It slides in easily underneath the pizza so you do not need to touch the hot surface when lifting it out of the griddle.

Enjoy the pizza and cook some more!

Tips For Cooking Pizza On A Blackstone Griddle

Use a Stainless Steel Griddle

Blackstone griddles really are the perfect griddle for cooking pizza. You can make the best homemade pizzas on Blackstone griddle.

It is made out of stainless steel with a powder coating which is beneficial for retaining and producing heat.

Using a stainless steel griddle will even out the heat on the surface.

This way, the bottom of the pizza gets enough and even heat to cook the crust perfectly.

With our experience, there is not much need to turn the pizza when cooking.

The evenly heated cooking surface does its job and cooks the pizza crust crispy and evenly.

Save The Mess

Another thing that you can do is to prepare the pizza straight on the griddle once it is heated up.

This will save you a lot of mess on the table or other surfaces when preparing the pizza.

Lay the pizza dough flat on the griddle to start the cooking process.

From there, you can then add the layers of the pizza like the sauce, cheese, and toppings while cooking.

Note that the crust will be cooking already so be quick.

The toppings will not start cooking until you put the cover on so get the toppings ready so you can just put them on the pizza.

Do Not Preheat

While we advise against this, you can also cook pizza on the griddle without actually preheating the griddle first.

This will even out the cooking from the top and bottom of the pizza.

When the griddle is not preheated, the dough might stick onto it.

However, you can do this so you can safely prepare the pizza directly on the griddle before heating it up.

Invest In A Pizza Dome

A pizza dome is a perfect cover when booking on an open grill.

This is metal cookware that creates a chamber of heated air to cook the pizza from the top and other sides.

The pizza dome is perfect for the Blackstone griddle since it does not have a cover.

With it, you can create or mimic the environment when cooking in an actual pizza oven.


Blackstone griddle cooks one of the best pizzas. You can easily make more than one homemade pizzas on blackstone griddle.

Although unorthodox, cooking on it is actually satisfying and easy without laying low with the quality of the pizza.

It is perfect since you do not need to preheat other cookware such as baking stones for the pizza.

The cooking surface of the griddle is good enough for creating a crispy crust on a homemade pizza.

You can even cook frozen pizza on a Blackstone griddle with ease.

If you want to cook with a griddle, make sure that you have the right tools such as pizza peel, grill spatula, and a pizza dome to create the perfect environment for cooking the pizza.

The results when cooking pizza on blackstone griddle are exceptional.

We even tried cooking flatbread pizzas on blackstone griddle and the results were too good!

The toppings are perfectly cooked and the crust is somehow seared to perfection which comes out crunchy.

Remember to experiment with the griddle and the pizza.

You will not be able to perfect the first try but keeping at it and switching the techniques a little bit will do the job.

Just follow the instructions above and then tweak them to your liking.

With those basic guides, you will be producing pizzas like a pro chef in no time.

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    1. Depends on what kind of cheese you are using and if you are cooking your toppings before. If you think the lid of your grill doesn’t do a good job of cooking toppings, then you can get a dome. The dome can also be a dome shaped kitchen utensil(that can withhold heat) inverted over the pizza.

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