How Big is a 28-Inch Pizza?- Feeds How many?

You might have seen a large pizza eaten by a single person for an internet challenge.

So now you got yourself asking how big is a 28-inch pizza and can you finish it?

According to the videos you can find online, it is possible to finish an 18-inch pizza, a 20-inch pizza, or even a 24-inch pizza in one sitting by a single person but what about 28 inches?

Normally, an 18-inch pizza feeds up to 6 people so it is quite hard to finish it in one go by yourself.

These pizza challenges you find online are fun but they can be dangerous.

It takes a lot of training to eat 18 inches of pizza, let alone 20 inches and 24 inches.

However, that does not stop people from going further as 28-inch pizza challenges are out.

28 inches of pizza is really big and it is almost impossible to eat it by yourself.

The average size in cm for pizzas is only 30cm while 28-inch pizzas can get up to 71cm as their size in cm.

That is hard to finish alone so you will need a large group to eat the whole pizza.

Here, we will look at what you can get with 28-inch, 18-inch, 20-inch, and 24-inch pizzas.

How Many Slices Are There?

A 12-inch pizza alone feeds up to 3 or 4 people so having large pizzas like 18, 20, 0r 24-inch pizzas means that the pizza feeds more than 6 people if you are not that hungry.

However, people have taken it to another level and made sure that they finish the challenge with 28-inch pizzas.

These are extra-large pizzas that are meant for extra-large groups of people.

So if you are planning to share a 28-inch extra-large pizza with your friends, it is important to know what it contains.

How many slices does this large pizza have and will it be enough for you?

See, the average number of slices in a 28-inch pizza is 12 to 14 slices.

That seems normal even with slightly smaller pizzas, but note that the pizza is more than double the size of the average pizza.

That means that the slices are larger and a single slice will satisfy one person.

On some bad days, I cannot even finish the entire slice by myself because it is super large.

That is why it is always hard for me to imagine how a single person can finish the entire 28-inch pizza based on a challenge. Anyway, let us dig deeper and see what we can find.

The Topping Choices

The best way to order a 28-inch pizza is to separate the toppings.

It is a very big pizza so you should put up to 4 different topping combinations on the pizza without space problems.

An average pizza’s size in cm is only 30cm and it can fit up to two different pizza topping combinations. If you go well above average and get a 28-inch pizza, then you have yourself a party.

Most of the time when I order a big 20-inch or 24-inch pizza, I would usually ask for two or three separate toppings. That is so everybody who is going to eat will enjoy the slice they want.

If you go to any pizzaiolo or pizzeria that you know, most of the time, they will be happy to enlarge the available toppings to fit it to your liking and the size of your order.

There are a lot of toppings that you can choose from and it differs in every pizza place that you go to. You can mix and match the toppings to explore different flavors in just a single pizza.

Putting more than one topping combination on the pizza will also allow you to adjust the pizza according to the diet of the people you are trying to feed.

Some people do not want meat or vegetables on their pizza so you can dedicate a quarter of the whole pizza to those people and make the toppings differ from the rest.

28 Inches Of Pizza Feeds How Many People?

As I have said and as you can imagine, 28 inches of pizza is really big. That is why it is meant for large groups of people and not the challenges you see, but they are fun to watch nonetheless.

We have already seen that a single person can finish an entire 28-inch pizza in one sitting. Yes, that one sitting might take hours but it is still impressive that one person can finish that big pizza.

If you are on a casual trip and you want some pizza with your friends, then you can order a 28-inch pizza. That depends, of course, on how many are there that you need to feed and how hungry they are.

Since you can adjust the toppings on each quarter or third of the pizza, you will be able to feed up to 4 very hungry people. The topping differences would feel like each person had their pizza.

If your group is not that hungry and you just want a pizza that you can chew on as you relax and not satisfy your hunger, the big 28-inch pizza can feed up to 8-10 people.

A 28-inch pizza feeds up to 5 adults and maybe 2 kids. You can also adjust the slices of the pizza since unlike average pizzas, you can cut the slices into larger or smaller slices for the kids.

When And Where Should I Order A 28-inch Pizza?

Most restaurants or pizzerias offer large pizzas for parties or group meals. A 28-inch pizza is perfect for a birthday party where there are many kids as well as adults that enjoy the pizza.

If you are in a large company and want to have a casual meeting, you can also go to a restaurant that offers this extra-large pizza and have a meal while talking about your agenda.

A group meal or lunch would also be ideal for ordering a big 28-inch pizza for your meal. Giovanni’s Pizza now sells a 28-inch pizza for only under $25 so you can get that.

If you are around the Houston area, you can go to Fuzzy’s Pizza and order the largest pizza on the menu. Jugno’s Monster Pizza is also popular in the Philippines for the pizza challenge.

Cicic’s Challenge is also made popular recently and you can even find their rules on the internet. Russo’s New York pizza also has this challenge if you want to try that.

You can go to Bury St. Edmunds in the UK and search for Pizza Town’s 28-inch pizza as well if you are on a family trip and you want a large pizza or go to Benny’s and Hillsboro in Ohio.

Calories In A 28-inch Pizza

One of the main things about pizza is that it is not always the first type of food introduced as healthy. It is recommended to take it in moderation as it is quite unhealthy.

Yes, some pizzas can be healthy and even pizzas that fit specific diets. However, if we are talking about 28-inch extra-large pizzas, it can be unhealthy for one person.

If you want to go to the pizza challenge thing and take as many calories as you can, you can go on with the challenge, but keep in mind that it is not that far from regular pizza.

That means that the average calories in a single slice of a 28-inch pizza is around 720. No matter the size in cm or inches, the average calories in a pizza slice serving are same.

This also comes with 30% fat and 50% carbohydrates, so you will need to burn a lot in your next workout. A 28-inch pizza feeds up to 8 people so if one person does it, it is quite a lot.

An average 28-inch pizza weighs at around 12 pounds or 5.5 kilograms so you can expect how much calories there are in the entire pizza or just a small slice with a size in cm of just 15cm.

Pizza Challenge

Pizza-eating challenges are a growing trend, especially in the U.S.

There have been changes in the cuisine to adjust to the palates of the locals on each State. However, one thing has not changed: the amount of food people eat.

That is why pizza-eating challenges have been a trend and it has spread all over the world. America has a great party culture and the invention of super large pizzas boomed effortlessly.

That is why you can order giant pizzas now for your pizza challenge. There are even some events for this and make it a contest where the contestants can even get a $500.

Randy Santel is well known for his pizza challenges and he has chowed down a 28 inch Village Pizza like in this video, so check it out.

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