Different Types Of Crusts In Domino’s- The Best Crust?

If you have been trying to order from Domino’s then you know how important it is to get the crust right!

The most important aspect of a pizza is the crust and once you get that right, you can move on to choosing the sauce and the toppings so you get the best pizza for your money.

So, what are the different crust options at Dominos?

The reality is, that Dominos has different crust options in different countries. In the U.S.A, the options are pretty straightforward.

How Big is a Small Pizza

I envy countries like New Zealand, U.K. or India that has cheese stuffed in their crust and this option makes a whole lot of difference.

If you want to know what are the different crust options Domino’s offers then continue reading this post as I would reveal some of the crusts that you never knew of!

But first, let’s get the basic crust options out of the way and then make way for the unique ones, so stay till the end and enjoy this deep crust journey.

P.S.- Whenever you order, do not forget to tip the pizza delivery guy.


1. Domino’s Handmade Pan Pizza Crust

This is the thickest pizza crust available on the Dominos USA menu, and as it suggests this is a pan pizza, so it has got to be thick!

The handmade pan is only available in Medium size which is 12 inches and it resembles like a pizza on a focaccia bread, but better.

The crust is thick, and hence it is fluffy in the middle and crispy at the bottom. Since the crust is thick, it can easily hold multiple toppings, and it is quite filling.

If you do the toppings right, then two slices of this pizza would be enough for dinner(depending on how small you cut the slices).

Pan pizzas have a thick crust, as seen in the image above

I personally love this pizza and it is great when you are ordering for a family as this fills up everyone quick.

If you love a nice thick crust and a crispy bottom, go for this crust from Dominos!

2. Domino’s Hand Tossed Pizza Crust

The next in the list has to be the Domino’s hand tossed pizza crust which is thinner than the pan pizza crust mentioned above but thicker than the thin crust from Domino’s.

This is the best crust for someone who isn’t into thick pan pizzas or thin wafer-like crust pizzas.

It perfectly sits mid-way between the two crusts, and I find it very nice and delicious. This is the crust that I order more often, and it is my favorite go-to pizza crust.

Most of you are familiar with this pizza crust option as it is available in most countries. If it is not available in yours, let us know in the comments!

Regular Hand tossed Pizza

Hand tossed pizza is medium thickness and is sturdy and can hold a lot of toppings like the pan pizza.

Love this option, and this is the classic domino’s crust that is available in most countries and not just US.

The hand-tossed pizza crust from Domino’s is a universal crust option that you can get at any Domino’s outlet worldwide.

3. Domino’s Crunchy Thin Pizza Crust

This pizza crust from Domino’s is extremely thin like the name suggests and it tastes like wafer or almost like a biscuit.

It is extremely thin and hence the name crunchy thin, and you can easily eat a large pizza with crunchy thin crust. Yes, it is THAT thin!

Dominos Thin Crust Pizza

I feel like I’m eating only toppings and cheese at some point on a crispy tortilla chip. If you like that thin crust and a nice amount of cheese and toppings on top, then you can order this crust.

It is available in Medium, and large sizes, basically 12 inches and 14 inches respectively. I like this pizza when I’m ordering it just to munch something and not have it in replacement for my meals.

If I order pizza for dinner then I order the hand-tossed pizza most of the times and that is a better meal option.

4. Brooklyn Style Pizza Crust

This is a nice crust and the thickness of the crust is between the hand tossed pizza crust from Dominos and the crunchy thin crust.

It is a Brooklyn-style pizza crust, so it will be similar to Brooklyn-style pizza and how they have large, thin, and foldable slices.

This pizza crust is available in large and XL pizza sizes, so you can ONLY get them in 14 and 16 inches pizzas.

Domino’s Brooklyn Style Pizza Vs. Dominos Hand-tossed Pizza 

I like this crust as it is thin and yet so nice and chewy with all the toppings and cheese on it. The best part is the large and foldable slices that gives it a nice NY style.

This was Domino’s attempt to bring NY style pizza to your home and I think it is a pretty decent effort for a fast food chain.

If you like the Dominos Brooklyn Style crust, then you have to order their pepperoni and cheese pizza in this crust, it tastes divine!

5. Gluten-free Crust

For people who are trying to watch their gluten intake, Domino’s has a gluten-free crust. This type of pizza has a “GF” label on it to let you know what kind of crust it is.

It is also, of course, cooked with gluten-free toppings labeled with the same mark. You can select the toppings you would like to put into your pizza and request a gluten-free option.

The crust is usually thinner than the classic crust but is a little thicker than the thin ‘n’ crispy crust. It only costs an additional $2.99 to make your pizza gluten-free.

It is one of the 5 different crusts at Domino’s which is the brands flagship product for people who are trying to be a bit healthier.

This is available in many countries like Australia, the UK, and some places in the EU.


1. Deep Pan Crust 

This is not necessarily a deep-dish pizza, but Domino’s named it that way. It is similar to the deep-dish pizza that is very popular in Chicago, but it does not have a crust as tall as that.

This pizza crust is also cooked in a pan, which raises its crust. However, the dough is laid on the pan’s bottom and folded on the edges, so it does not cover its sides.

The Domin’s fresh pan pizza is a handmade pan pizza that was introduced in 2012. Domino’s fresh pan pizza is a really good meal with its slightly thick crust.

The crust is usually thicker than the common pizzas that we have from pizza chains. It has a lot of sauce, so it needs to be crispy on the outside, so it does not sog when lifted.

That is why the crust cooks with a thin layer of brushed oil underneath. This process fries the crust’s outer parts and creates a rigid and crispy crust for the heavy and wet toppings.

Despite having a crispy crust, the insides are still fluffy with just enough air inside. That means that it is crispy on the outside, but generally, Domino’s pan crust is a little bit chewy.

 Since the Domino’s fresh pan pizza crust is thick and filled with many toppings, it is the perfect pizza for a sit-down meal.

A couple of slices with this pizza can fill your stomach with a lot of delicious flavors.

2. Classic Crust

If you want a thinner option for our pizza crust, you can order the Classic Crust from Domino’s. It is one of the best crusts in Domino’s that tops the sales and is great as a meal. 

It is made with the same dough ingredients and cooked almost the same way.

It is the middle ground between the deep pan crust and the crunchy thin pizza crust from the pizza chain.

 The crust’s outsides are crispy and can handle slightly larger toppings such as sausages and thick slices of vegetables.

The insides are more compact, however, so it is quite chewy.

 Yes, the crust’s insides can still be airy but not as much as the other options. It has a dense interior which gives its rigidity and chewy texture that goes well with the toppings.

If you want a great pizza that is great for just starting your stomach or planning to eat some other main course, then a slice of the classic crust at Domino’s is the perfect choice for that.


3. Hand-tossed Crust 

This is similar to the hand-tossed in the USA menu. It is also an option that goes between the deep pan and the thin crust.

It is thinner than the classic crust at Domino’s, so it can also be a snack or an appetizer. It is handmade, so it has some of the authentic techniques incorporated with making it.

 It has a crispy outside that snaps off when you bite or separate a slice from the whole pizza. It goes very well with thin toppings, and the flavor combines well with the sauce. 

The crust always has a golden brown finish, and it is great for a slightly heavy snack. It does not necessarily make you full with just two slices, but it gets you to keep wanting more of it.

 The classic Domino’s hand-tossed pizza crust is a famous Domino’s crust type in India as well.

Another popular Domino’s crust type in India is the thin crust made from wheat but has the same concept as the following crust.

4. Thin ‘N’ Crispy Crust  

One of the most common types of crusts in pizza chains is their thin and crispy crust. This is also available in Domino’s, and it did not take long after its release to be popular with customers.

It is usually the first choice when people order from Domino’s as it is a healthier option. It uses less dough, so it does not feel heavy in the stomach even after a few slices.

The manufacturing process involves a smaller ball of dough that is left to rise longer. This allows it to get stretched further than the dough used for deep pan crust and the classic crust.

It cooks faster than most of the other pizza types at very high temperatures, giving it a crispy texture. It is almost like a cracker when you snap it apart or when you take a bite from it. 

The sauce, cheese, and toppings are usually thinner than those used on the other pizza types. The thin ‘n’ crispy crust from Domino’s is just rigid enough for the thinly-sliced toppings.

5. Cheesy Crust

People who do not love to eat the crust’s edge because it is “flavorless,” you can get the cheesy crust from Domino’s. This is also a common type of crust in most pizza chains.

Dominos Cheesy Crust Pizza

 Pizza Hut made this type of pizza crust famous because of its many innovative additions. The crust edge is folded or pushed farther and is made with cheese indie them before cooking.

The edge of the crust folds with a thin slice of cheese under it and then the dough is cooked. The cheese then melts when cooked, so it oozes out from the crust’s edge when you pull a pizza slice. 

This is to make sure that you enjoy every part of the pizza and nothing goes to waste. It is also the perfect crust for people who love cheese as you get additional cheese toppings.

The crust, in general, is thin, and the edge has just enough space for the cheese. The edges’ outer parts are crispy, but the crust’s general texture is softer than the other crusts.

The size of the dough used in making this pizza crust is just like the one used for thin ‘n’ crispy crust. You just need to add $3.99 for the crust to have a cheesy edge inside it, making it one of the best crust at Domino’s.

If you love cheese that bursts out of the pizza crust, then this cheese pizza crust is for you.

This is available in EU and Australia.

6. Edge Crust 

This is another type of crust that is not very well-known, and you cannot order this, especially if you do not know much about Domino’s as it is usually not found on the menu that you see in front. 

The same type of dough used in making the classic crust makes the edge crust. You stretch it a little thinner to get the edge flattened and is sometimes pre-cooked alone. 

This gives the edge crust very crispy outside parts. The edge itself has a deeper brown color than the other parts of the pizza, perfect with the salty flavor you get from the cheese.

 The main difference between the other crusts and the edge crust is that the edge crust has more toppings. It got its name from the toppings put up to the edge of the crust.

It usually has ground sausages, pepperonis, and a few vegetables as toppings. If you want a pizza that you can eat as a whole without the cheese on edge, then this is the one for you.

7. Puff Crust 

This cust is another special type of crust from Domino’s that has a unique edge. The crust in the middle is thin like the thin ‘n’ crispy crust but has a much thicker crust on its edge.

Photo Credits- https://newsroom.dominos.com.au/

The crust edge is flaky and has more air inside compared to the other types of pizza crust. This helps, so the edge does not have additional stuffings inside while still being easy to eat. 

The puffed crust has a crispy outside and is very light. You can easily eat it like the other edges on most pizza crust that are tough and too compact for eating without other textures.

It is available in Australia and maybe UK.

8. Cheese Burst Crust

This is another delicious crust from dominos where the entire crust has a cheese filling; yes, you heard me right.

The entire pizza crust has a liquid cheese filling, then it is topped with sauce, cheese, and toppings.

So when you take a bite liquid cheese oozes out from the middle of the pizza and it is the most delicious thing ever.

This is the most popular pizza crust in India, and it is available in only 12 inches size.

It is by far the most amazing pizza crust as I made it at home and if you have not tried this, you can easily make it at home, so many recipes out there!


These different types of pizza crust from Domino’s are great for different occasions. They are made with the best ingredients and can feed you whether you like to have it as a snack or meal. 

There are many different options to choose from to surely get one that fits what you want. Just select the toppings that you are craving for and then order. 

In just a few minutes, your pizza will be at your doorstep, and you will be enjoying the best crusts that are available in Domino’s.

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  1. I used to be a huge Dominos customer till I got diabetes and now have to eat whole-wheat crust .white flour products are bad for diabetes. I have switched to pizza pizza as they provide wholewheat crust. In Canada 3 million people live with diabetes and in USA 34 million people. You are missing the boat on new customers.

    1. Domino’s offers a gluten-free crust for a low-carb alternative. Also, if you do the Keto diet, get cheese-stuffed crust w/ high-protein ingredients, to off-set carbs in a regular-type pizza crust.

    2. If you got diabetes, I wouldn’t encourage you to eat junk food, eat your salads and heathy foods, but then again, I bet the ones with diabetes, aren’t eating healthy in the first place.

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