25+ Best Side Dishes For Pizza- Healthy, tasty and Easy to make!

When the time comes for another homemade pizza party, it is sure to be a flavorful night filled with cheese, tomato sauce, and toppings. So here are the best side dishes for pizza night.

There are a lot of sides to eat with pizza that you can easily make at home.

You might have tried some of these traditional accompaniments for pizza but we have more to surprise you.

Pizza is really good food that everybody loves despite the notion that it is unhealthy.

That is not an since there are healthy pizzas or pair them with healthy side dishes for pizza.

A recipe that goes well with pizza as a side makes pizza night even more enjoyable.

You can get tired of the taste of the pizza so having good side dishes with pizza will help you with that.

While there are traditional accompaniments for pizza like the common Italian sides for pizza, you can also stray away from those and make your version of the pizza side dishes.

I have a list here of the best sides to eat with pizza so you can enjoy more of the pizza while refreshing your taste palates with the amazing flavors from the side dishes you have.

1. Roasted Lemon Garlic Asparagus

It is great to start your meal with an amazing appetizer for your pizza dinner party.

This roasted lemon garlic asparagus recipe is the perfect side dish for starting your palates ready for the pizza.

This simple side dish recipe brings a little bit of zest and some aromatic scents.

The whole garlic cloves and olive oil blend well together to bring a savory flavor to your mouth.

You also do not need a lot to cook this side dish as it only needs to be seasoned with salt and black pepper.

It is one of the healthy sides for pizza that you can get to start your pizza dinner party.

2. Cream Of Mushroom Soup

Another great appetizer for your pizza dinner party is soup, any soup for that matter. If you do not mind eating a little bit of a thick soup, then this cream of mushroom soup is perfect for you.

Mushroom goes well with pizza as a side dish as it gives you that earthy flavor that will surely get your palates ready for the hearty flavors that come from the pizza you have cooked.

This guide teaches you how to make a creamy mixture that you can eat before you hit the pie or while you are eating the pizza. It is just a perfect combination of savory flavors with the pizza.

3. Honey Caramelized Brussel Sprouts

If you have a savory pizza, then this healthy side for pizza can be a good choice to start your meal. This caramelized Brussel sprouts recipe is slightly different as it is sweet.

Just cut the Brussel sprouts in half so you can put a little char on the interior. This will also give you a savory flavor that blends well with the sweetness coming from the honey.

Always season them before cooking. Brussel sprouts are not that heavy so they are good appetizers for your pizza dinner party before you dig into the much heavier pizza recipe.

4. Ratatouille

Yes, this is the same recipe from the animated movie of the same name. Ratatouille goes well with pizza as a side since it contains most of the ingredients of a pizza.

That means that you get to warm up your palates with the taste you will have with your pizza. The combination of zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes, and more is truly perfect.

Ratatouille makes me enjoy the cheddar cheese or parmesan cheese on the pizza even more once I eat it since the hearty flavors are already in my mouth so the cheese is accentuated.

5. Roasted Broccoli With Bacon

You really cannot go with low-calorie diets during pizza nights. However, cooking with the bacon oil on your pan makes you feel less guilty as you do not add more fats to your diet.

This recipe brings in the aromatic taste of broccoli together with the extra bacon that you did not get to put on your pizza. It is a beautiful combination making a healthy side for your pizza.

Since you have meat on your side dish, you can also cook this recipe and serve it with vegetable pizza to make your meal even healthier while having enough fats and protein.

6. Chicken Wings With 3 Sauces

Aside from your pasta salad and potato salads, you can also add meat to your meal by cooking chicken wings. You can either do a grilled chicken recipe or follow this one for fried chicken wings.

Chicken wings are a good side dish with pizza as they bring your meal lots of protein, which means that they are best served with vegetable pizza since you already have your protein.

The guide also teaches you how to make 3 different sauces so you do not get tired of the same flavor from the chicken wings. You can also add more of your favorite sauces and make buffalo wings.

7. Garlic Green Beans

Garlic green beans are one of the best Italian sides for pizza just like the ones you get from Italian restaurants. This will make for a good Italian feast in your house during pizza night.

The recipe is really simple as you will only need whole garlic cloves that are chopped into thin slices. Mix that with green beans while roasting and you have yourself an aromatic side dish.

Garlic green beans bring out the aroma in your food and this goes well with pizza. It is one of the best sides that I truly love to cook whenever I plan on cooking pizzas for the family.

8. Italian Bruschetta Bar

Another one of the best Italian sides for pizza is Bruschetta bar. A fresh mix of ingredients makes for a great appetizer during your pizza dinner party before you dig into the pie.

I recommend using Roma tomatoes for this recipe so you get that refreshing juicy bite.

The recipe is simple and you do not need to make any complicated ingredients or processes.`

This is like an Italian-style salad that you can make any time even if you are not having pizza.

It is a light and refreshing appetizer that you can eat with any food but especially with meat.

9. Caesar Salad

Unlike potato salads that are heavy and zucchini fries usually cooked in olive oil, Caesar salad is a truly healthy side for pizzas as you do not need to cook it nor do you need too much oil for it.

Everybody knows how to make Caesar salad but this guide includes two unique ways to make the pizza side recipe. Nonetheless, both of these methods are simple and easy to follow.

The healthy and zesty flavors you get from the salad are truly amazing and everybody can enjoy it.

You can let your kids eat this delicious side dish to not get too much oily food from the pizza.

10. Caprese Salad

If you think that pizza is only amazing when cooked, you should try Caprese salad. Caprese salad contains most of the common pizza toppings but they are not cooked the same way.

They are not cooked at all so you get the raw flavors and healthy nutrients from the tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and seasonings from the salad before serving your favorite pizza.

Just arrange the mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and fresh basil leaves on a plate and then drizzle the salad with extra virgin olive oil before seasoning it with salt and pepper for that healthy side for your pizza.

This is a great appetizer for your pizza dinner party as this Italian side for pizza combines well with meat toppings such as sausage and pepperonis. 

11. Jalapeno Poppers

Jalapeno poppers are the best pizza side dish if you do not mind getting extra fats from your food.

It is a good side dish with pizza as it gets your mouth watering before you even bite on the pizza.

The combination of the crispy breading, crispy jalapeno, and melted cheese inside is truly unique.

It is savory and can be enjoyed by kids as long as the jalapeno poppers are not that spicy.

I recommend eating the jalapeno poppers before eating the pizza and maybe getting one or two pieces.

It is deep-fried so it is less healthy than salad recipes so try to limit yourself if you can.

12. Garlic Knots

Homemade garlic knots are a satisfying side dish that you can make.

Garlic goes well with pizza as a side as it gets your mouth ready for the savory pie you have during a pizza party.

This is a great recipe that you can make with your extra flour.

It is a really simple side dish and it is a good idea that you put your excess flour to use and make a great side dish for your pizza.

Garlic is also a traditional accompaniment for pizza because of its strong flavor.

However, this Italian side for pizza releases a strong flavor and brings a more subtle aroma once it is cooked.

13.  Homemade Onion Rings

Although this recipe uses white onions, you can use red onions if the side dish is a little sweeter. This golden brown appetizer goes well with pizza as a side dish because it is light.

The crisp you get when biting the onion rings is satisfying. Make sure to put all the seasonings on the breading so that you can taste all the savory flavors with every bite.

I usually make my dip for onion rings but if you do not have one, you can opt for a delicious sour cream dip and get your mouth ready for the delicious pizza that you have prepared.

14. Kale Salad

Kale salad is also one of my favorite sides to eat with pizza. The combination of healthy greens makes a great side dish to serve with vegetable pizzas to make your pizza party truly healthy.

I recommend it with meat pizzas like pepperoni pizza, but nothing is wrong if you have a vegetable pizza. The slightly sour taste counters the hearty flavors of the pizza.

Since you are using fresh ingredients for this recipe, you can easily add your favorite ingredients.

Fresh lemon juice goes well with this side dish recipe, so I recommend it.

15. Pesto Zoodles

Pesto zoodles is one of my favorite and easy side dishes that I usually make. I usually make a lot of it to store the leftovers and have a refreshing breakfast the next day.

This recipe is really simple and the avocado pesto brings a whole new flavor to the table while also keeping the familiar taste of the dish. This, may I remind you, is not for picky eaters.

It has a lot of green flavors and peanuts can cause allergic reactions. So make sure that you do not eat it or remove the peanuts from the recipe if you are allergic.

16.  The Best Fruit Salad

If you have seasonal fruits with you, it is best to make a fruit salad. Aside from the bright colors from the combination of fruits, it is also one of the most flavorful sides to eat with pizzas.

This is a good side dish with pizza since it contains fresh flavors and healthy nutrients.

It is a really simple recipe as you only need to chop up some seasonal fruits and mix them.

That also means that for every pizza night you have, you can have a fruit salad with different ingredients, which gives you more versatility on which fruit will go well with your pizza.

17. Mexican Street Corn Salad

One of my favorite delicious recipes to combine with pizza are Mexican side dishes. They are full of flavor and healthy ingredients so you are sure to get salty-savory goodness from the recipe.

You just need to grill the corn cobs but make sure to wrap them first with aluminum foil so they do not get burnt and create a bitter flavor. The mayonnaise will bring all the flavors together.

Cojita cheese is also used in this recipe but you can use cheddar cheese or any type of cheese. Garnish with fresh cilantro and you are now ready for your appetizer.

18. Parmesan Tornado Potatoes

If you think french fries go well with pizza as a side dish, you have not tried tornado potatoes. They are made with the same ingredients but keeping it fun is the key to this recipe.

The tricky part of this recipe is when you prepare the potatoes. You need to skewer the potatoes and then score them in a swirling manner to create the tornado shape when they are cooked.

Sprinkled with spices and olive oil, this deep-fried side dish is a really good side dish with pizzas and it is best served with vegetable pizzas to give you that amazing and healthy meal for pizza night.

19. Cheesy Bread Rolls

If you want a hearty side dish with that lovely cheesy flavor, then cheesy bread rolls are for you. This satisfying side dish is perfect for your pizza that goes well with cream cheese or Greek yogurt.

The delicious recipe uses classic cheese strips with no dips to keep it healthy. You can, of course, use your favorite dip but the cheese inside the bread rolls is already tasty enough.

If you have extra garlic bread, the recipe is even tastier. I usually make a lot of these bread rolls to store the extra and cook delicious midnight snacks later on.

20. Sweet Chili Mayo Cauliflower Bites Twisted

You should try another tasty side dish: the sweet chili mayo cauliflower bites. This delicious recipe is the perfect combination of spice and sweetness that everyone loves.

To get the perfect sauce for the golden brown cauliflower bites, you only need mayonnaise, sweet chili sauce, sriracha, soy sauce, and rice wine vinegar. 

This is a really good side dish with pizza, especially with meat toppings, and it somehow counters the oily or fatty homemade toppings with the spice from the side dish.

21. Spinach Artichoke Dip

If you want another cheesy element for your pizza party aside from the pizza itself, then this spinach artichoke dip is perfect for you. It is one of the best sides to go with pizzas.

For those pizza lovers out there, try and serve this with vegetable pizza to give it more flavors. I would not say it is a traditional accompaniment for pizza but it is a great side to eat with pizza.

If you have a picky eater with you that leaves the edge of the pizza crust, let them try this amazing spinach artichoke dip so no pizza dough goes to waste, it brings extra flavor to the rather bland crust.

22. Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

Mozzarella sticks are one of my favorite traditional accompaniments for pizza as they bring more of that cheesy flavor to the meal. They are easy to make and you can also pair them with any topping.

Mozzarella is a mild cheese compared to other types of cheese but it goes well with bread. The savory flavor of this side dish recipe makes the pizza more enjoyable.

The crispy thin crust made out of bread is perfect for getting more textures to your meal. Make sure to bring in a dip like banana ketchup or the more daring yogurt dressing.

23. Pasta Salad

Pasta salad is also one of my favorite side dishes to pair with pizza. Yes, there are a lot of carbohydrates in pasta and pizza but if you only do this once in a while, then nothing is wrong with that.

This pasta salad recipe you see in the guide is mixed with delicious ingredients like bell peppers, onions, and cherry tomatoes that bring bright colors to the recipe.

Top the pasta salad with fresh greens and you have yourself a healthy pasta recipe to serve with your pizza at home.

24. Simple Carrot Slaw

Carrots are not usually found on pizza toppings so it is not a traditional accompaniment to pizzas. However, it is one of the fresher side dishes that go well with the hearty pizza.

The shredded carrots make a delicious and healthy side dish combined with fresh lemon juice, raisins, and crushed pineapples.

You can enjoy this side dish with fatty pizza toppings such as sausage, bacon, pepperonis, and chicken. It goes well with vegetable pizza but I prefer it with meat toppings.

25. Garlic Bread

Pizzas already have a lot of flavors in them so you do not need a side dish that is too complicated. Restaurants offer garlic bread as a free side dish with pizzas.

Garlic bread is simple but the savory flavors are too hard to resist. They go well with pizza sauce and other toppings, so you may enjoy it more than the pizza crust.

This recipe is really simple and I like how the guide shows that you do not need an oven to make the best garlic bread at home.

26. Loaded Baked Potatoes

If you want another hearty side dish with your pizza, loaded baked potatoes are the perfect pizza side dish. They are tasty, aromatic, and can even fill your stomach easily.

The downside is that you might get full before you even get to the pizza. So I suggest you grab just one piece of loaded baked potatoes and eat it with the pizza.

This guide shows you 4 ways to make loaded baked potatoes so choose which is more fitting with the ingredients you have.

27. Shaved Asparagus

To counter the greasy pizza you have, you can always go with healthy pizza side dishes like this shaved asparagus recipe.

The tanginess from the lemon juice and freshness of the onions can make this side dish the perfect counter for the meat toppings on your pizza.

28. Stuffed Tater Tots

I am sure that the kids are already excited if you told them that you will have a pizza night. You can keep them from running around as they wait with this recipe.

Stuffed tater tots are delicious and healthy. They are loved by kids so while they help with the preparation, you can be sure that they do not indulge too much in the oily pizza.

This guide shows you 3 ways to make the best-stuffed tater tots so choose which one is the best for you!

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