Bakerstone Pizza Oven Box Review

The Bakerstone pizza oven box is probably one of the best BBQ grill attachments that we have reviewed. It has a great design that keeps the heat inside the oven along with a really nice sleek look that gives it a premium baking oven feel.

You can place this oven box on top of any grill preferably with 4 or 5 burner-outdoor grills and it would work like any outdoor pizza oven.

You can cook a pizza within a few minutes inside this pizza oven and it has been labeled as one of the best pizza ovens on Amazon. So, if you want to convert your BBQ grill into a pizza oven with Bakerstone then keep on reading the review.

Recommended- Yes

How does the BakerStone Pizza Oven Box Work?

The Bakerstone Pizza oven has the insides of it made up with the pizza stone material which transmits convective, conductive and radiant heat from all sides resulting in a really hot inside of the pizza oven which is perfect to bake a Neapolitan style pizza.

All you need to do is set the pizza oven on your grill and preheat the oven.

When the needle on the dial present on the top of the oven hits the oven Icon you are ready to bake from 300 to 500 F and when it hits the flame icon, the oven will be at temperatures ranging from 600-800 F which is pretty hot.

The oven takes about 4 minutes to bake a pizza and that is really quick for a pizza oven box sitting on a grill. Bakerstone pizza oven box is versatile and does have a great price/feature balance.

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Pros of Bakerstone Pizza Oven

1. It can easily convert your 3 burner and above- outdoor grill into a pizza oven. You do not need to set up anything, all you have to do is remove this pizza oven right off the box and place it on the BBQ grill.

Setting up and using the pizza oven on the BBQ grill is extremely easy.


2. With different temperature settings, you can not only cook pizzas super fast but you can also bake bread, cookies, roast meat,  vegetables and cook fish.

Preheating the oven might take anywhere from between 20-30 minutes depending on the temperature you set the grill.


3. Usually, this pizza oven can cook a pizza for 3-4 minutes which is fast and perfect so if you want to hold a small get together in your backyard or patio and have a pizza party then that is certainly possible with this oven.

The oven is lightweight and portable so once you are done cooking pizzas you can keep it inside again.


4. The double wall ceiling design of the pizza oven box avoids the heat from escaping and maintains a uniform temperature that might help in the uniform cooking of the pizza.

This is what makes baking bread and roasting meats uniformly much easier with this pizza oven.


5. Cleaning the pizza box is going to be really easy as all you need to do is remove it from the BBQ, let it cool and then just wipe it with a damp cloth. It is not huge like other pizza ovens which imply that the maintenance of the oven is easy.


Downsides of using the Bakerstone Pizza Oven

1. You can only cook one pizza at a time. If you want a larger pizza oven that can cook more than one pizza at a time then you should check out the Maximus or the Pacific Living Pizza Oven. This one here is for family gatherings where you can cook one pizza at a time within 4 minutes.

2. There are no other downsides to this pizza oven and most of the people who have purchased this product are pretty satisfied.


Who is this Pizza Oven For?

If you are someone who owns a BBQ grill and wants to convert it into a pizza oven then you should definitely check out the Bakerstone Pizza Oven.

It is probably one of the best heat retaining pizza attachments that can give you the perfect crispy crust pizza you are looking for.

The site mentions that it is for outdoor grills that have 3 burners or more, however, I would recommend going for 4 burners or more as that way the oven reaches the higher temperatures really fast and you can easily cook pizzas within a few minutes without worrying about heat retention.



Bakerstone Pizza Oven is no doubt the best pizza oven that you can add to your BBQ and it would start cooking wonderful and delicious dishes for you.

It is probably the most versatile Pizza oven for grills and works the best to give you the perfect crispy crust pizza.

The Pizza oven box even cooks a pizza within 4 minutes which is pretty quick considering that it is just an attachment on a grill.

This makes this pizza oven perfect for small gatherings and pizza parties as you can easily cook a couple of pizzas within a few minutes for your guests.

This oven is definitely going to look amazing on top of your grill with its sleek and premium design. There is no reason that you should think again before getting this pizza box.


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